Andy Uba Denies Stopping Anambra Airport Commissioning


Sen. Andy Uba Governorship Campaign Organisation, has described as fake news associated with Uba to stop the commissioning of the Anambra International Passenger and Cargo Airport.


Ogene said that the social media reports that was trending on different social media handles with such deadly report was very unfortunate that people can play politics with every matter.


He made the denial in an interview with newsmen in Awka on Saturday.


Ogene said that how can the Governorship candidate of All Progressive Congress (APC) work against the treasure of the state he longs to govern and urged the public to disregard such error of statement.


He said that Ubah cannot stop the commissioning of the Anambra International Passenger and Cargo Airport, Umueri for commercial flight operations slated for October 30 because he is not the Aviation Minister nor an official of any of the Aviation agencies.


“As a citizen he is delighted by the prospects of the state to have a cargo and a passenger Airport.


Ogene said that however he cautions against the deliberate politicisation of a technical means of Transportation, such as Air Transportation.


He said that the process of building an Airport for the state started with land acquisition by the Mr Peter Obi Administration, and now the construction by Gov. Willy Obiano.


Ogene said that an Airport is an ongoing concern, in need of constant development and upgrade and feared that what the people have expressed with the Anambra Airport project is the undue haste with which Obiano seeks to ‘force’ through the Commissioning of the Airport for purely political considerations.


He said that Yet, Aviation business cannot be run like a motor park venture. Early 2021, Obiano said he would ensure the takeoff of the Airport before he leaves office. Now, the question is: Is Obiano leaving office this year?


Also he raised that Obiano had requested in 2022 budget still under consideration, the sum of N10 billion for the completion of the Airport project. Now, if the Airport is already completed and set to begin commercial activities, what is the N10 billion to be used for?


Ogene said that if the airport was due for operation in its essence when was advertisement for recruitment of staff done and other facilities that needed to be down in the airport before operation ?

He said that these and many other problems are what the people of Anambra are genuinely worried about because aviation safety is a serious business which must not be tainted by political considerations.



Speaking on the same matter, Amb. Elijah Onyeagba said that the idea of having an airport is laudable but caution should not be thrown off.


Onyeagba said that he speaks out of information and not from emotions or politics that he has gathered from a very informed perspective an Aviation Expert and Official that the airport is not ready for operations.


He said that “The reality is that the airport is not ready, what it has at the moment is a runway and a makeshift terminal. They still have not concluded with NAMA on the training and deployment of Air Traffic Controllers.


“The navigational equipment (ILS, DME, VOR) have not been calibrated (all the above is NAMA related.


He further said on the part of FAAN, they have not trained, certified and deployed AvSec personnel for airport security, they have also not installed security equipment.


Also that finally on NCAA, the overall certification of the airport which will be dependent on NAMA and FAAN completing their own tasks.


“You have to note that this is a state airport from a state initiative, but all the above roles are federal roles that they have to liaise with agencies and pay for like any private venture,” he said.


Onyeagba said that the airport is nowhere close to commercial operation, caution shuld exercised in extreme projects like airport usage as any mistake would cost hundreds of lives.


“The airport is beyond civil works, which is what Anambra State government has done, that is all hardware. It’s like buying a computer without operating system.


“Aviation and airport operation are safety operations that are regulated (beyond Nigeria) by ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation), so NCAA (Nigeria Civil Aviation Organisation) itself is overseen and certified by ICAO,” he said.


Onyeagba said that any violation of such trust can lead to NCAA loosing its class A certification status, which will be bad for Nigeria, as all major international airlines will stop flying to Nigeria,


He said that it is important Anambra people are well informed about the status of the new airport and need not to play politics with lives of the people of the state and those who may wish to fly through the airport.


In a swift response, Mr C Don Adinuba, Commissioner for Information and publicity said that in view of the safety of the airport is right and assured that all is in place.

Adinuba said that the state has done its part due to the airport that aviation duties has been planned for.

Adinuba said that since April 30 2021 the airport has been in use and every facility requirements to make the airport functional is on ground with all documentation.

“ APC Anambra has successfully sabotaged landing of planes to touch down in day of commissioning but the truth is that we are victorious,” he said.

He said that news circulating the social media that Air Peace cancelled their flight to Umueri airport on discovery that the airport was not good enough was false.

“Airpeace was to board passenger from Lagos and Abuja on October 30 but was cancelled on reason of security, that is all,” he said.

The commissioner said that the N10 billion naira in the 2022 budget was not out of place because of maintenance of the airport because development of an airport is a continuous one

“World over airport are not done once it is a continuous one ,if the basic are done then you keep toping up and maintenance

By Ifeizu Joe

Ifeizu is a seasoned journalist and Managing Editor of TheRazor. He has wide knowledge of Anambra State and has reported the state objectively for over a decade.

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