DSS Condemned For Paltry Compensation for Families of 7 Officers Who Lost Their Lives Rescuing Wife of Sun Editor, Steve Nwosu

Seven officers of the DSS who lost their lives on a mission to rescue the wife of The Editor of Sun Newspaper who was kidnapped sometime last year have received the sum of #250,000 each for their loss.

The officers whose ordeal was not exactly ascertained a source said had been rounded up by a powerful force while working to rescue the Sun Editor’s wife.

They were initially believed to be alive, but after several months of waiting, and their failure to return home, it is believed that they may have died in the course of duty.

What is even more worrisome to the family is that the DSS which refused to make any statement about the officers have now reduced the lives of the officers to a mere #250,000 one of the family members said.

The family member of one of the officers said it is painful, and that Nigeria was not worth serving if these officers could be so treated.

Attempt to also find a way to receive the bodies of their relatives the source said was rebuffed.

Below is a statement sent to www.elekenews.com by one of the relatives of the officers.

“My brother is  the Samson of my family, my community, my state and Lagos State. The best DSS officer in Lagos State( 2014)

After over one year of sorrows, pains and false hope, The DSS has finally alerted  the families of missing DSS officers that their loved ones died as heroes in the line of duty. On sat, 29th of October, The DSS  gave each of the families 250,000 as their own contribution for their burial…

When we  asked about their bodies,they  told us that they can’t locate their bodies.

The minister of information once said that most Nigerians spend up to 100,000 on a bottle of Champagne, so we ask, if the lives of these fallen heroes as they said,is worth only about two bottles of Champagne?

I’m making a case not only for my brother but for all the security personnels who put their lives in harms way  for the sake of this nation. While some people are paid to loot our money, those people who put their lives  on the line are treated as …

They say what goes around comes around, hence, as we continue to wallow in our pains, we thank President Buhari and the DSS as we lay this on the table of God Almighty!”

By Ifeizu Joe

Ifeizu is a seasoned journalist and Managing Editor of TheRazor. He has wide knowledge of Anambra State and has reported the state objectively for over a decade.

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