Full text of NLC/TUC demands that scared Soludo aware from May Day rally

Press statement



It is with sincere heart full of gratitude to God Almighty that the organized labour (NLC/TUC) in Anambra State on behalf of the entire workforce in our dear state welcome the number one citizen of the state, the Executive Governor of Anambra State, Professor Charles C. Soludo CFR, the Deputy Governor Dr. Onyekachukwu Ibezim, the speaker of the Anambra State House of Assembly, Right Honourable Somtochukwu Udeze, the State Chief Judge, Hon. Justice Maneseh Onochie Anyachabelu, The Head of Service, Barrister Theodora Igwegbe, All commissioners on the entourage, all other political appointees and officials of the state present to celebrate with us.
We welcome the Spiritual Leaders, Traditional Rulers, Labour veterans, Senior Citizens, Civil Society allies, great workers of Anambra State, gentlemen of the press, ladies and gentlemen. Please, feel free and enjoy yourself with us as we celebrate the day of workers.
As in our tradition, Mr Governor and invited guest, every year we come up with a theme for the workers day celebration and this year theme is “People First”.
This theme is apt because the state of economy in the country is so bad that salary earners cannot boast of having adequate meals or guarantee their lively hood.
Putting people first is a business philosophy focused on prioritizing employees by considering their needs and creating a positive work environment.
Congress, therefore, calls on our leaders at all levels especially our dear Governor of Anambra State Prof. C. C. Soludo CFR to exemplify the solution mantra to the workers especially at this critical time in our country. It will help in reducing the economic and environmental challenges workers are facing, thereby, increasing their productivity and output.
Right from the inception of this administration, Mr Governor has shown capacity to rule. He has focused on his promises to Ndi-Anambra. He has been assembling all those infrastructure that will help in projecting the state high as well put the state on the map of the modern world – the African Dubai Taiwan.

These infrastructure as enumerated during the second anniversary of the Governor in office if completed will surely shoot the state high both economically and otherwise.

As organized labour, we are very much impressed with the standards of roads, infrastructural developments going on and commissioning of roads across the towns and local governments in our state.
Mr Governor sir, the organized labour is happy and appreciates the wage award of N12,000 extended to Anambra workers and pensioners for four months between September and December 2023. We are also grateful for the absorption of National light staff into various ministries and parastatals.
We cannot thank you enough even for resolving the problems of Anambra water corporation and ANSEPA which lasted for over 17 years.
We can go on and on but for want of time permit me to present some of our prayers which include:

It is worrisome to note that the contributory pension scheme was not properly introduced and implemented in the state. This is because from the beginning of the scheme, monies deducted were rarely remitted to the pension fund administrators (PFA). Before the present administration came on board the state were deducting only the workers part of the contribution even without remitting same to the various PFA’s and refused to pay the Government part.

The organized labour is dissatisfied with the continued deduction even after the reoccurring May Day prayers by organized labour requesting for the suspension of the scheme. The organized Labour, therefore, calls on our dear Governor, who we believe is not only worker friendly but hate injustice with passion, as a matter of urgency, should suspend the deduction of the contributory pension from the workers salary so as to ensure industrial harmony in the state.


The organized labour is dissatisfied with the inhuman and fraudulent activities going on in Ndị Olu Microfinance Bank. Organized Labour is demanding for proper investigation in to what is going on in the bank, especially with regards to the recapitalization of the bank and deductions made from workers’ salaries from march 2021 – may 2021.

This issue be addressed to avoid industrial disharmony in the state.


Organised labour sincerely appeal to Mr Governor to constitute the judiciary and civil service commissions amongst others to enable workers access their promotions and other entitlements which can only be approved by the commissions.

The organized labour praised Mr Governor for the four months wage award of (#12,000) Twelve thousand naira extended to workers and pensioners in Anambra State. This wage Award lasted from September 2023 to December 2024. Organized labour is appealing to Mr Governor to consider the facts that the excruciating hardship and hunger are still biting workers badly and therefore solicit for the re-introduction of the removed wage award and to retain same till new minimum wage is signed and implemented in the state, this will help in ameliorating the pains and hardship workers are passing through.


Organized labour earnestly appeal for the release of 2021/2022 and conduct of 2023/2024 promotions. The promotion exercise for 2021/2022 has taken place and those who were successful has emerged but the commission who are supposed to release the promotion are not in place and as such 2023/2024 promotion is Jeopardized. We appeal to the government to appoint and inaugurate the commissions and boards in charge of workers promotions so that workers will not be stagnant in one grade level or have their rights denied.

Organized labour earnestly continues to request for our indefatigable Governor’s approval to build a Labour House in the State. We are seriously in need of a secretariat and event centre that will House the services and needs of our affiliates unions. This is what is obtained in other states of the federation, including Imo, Abia, Delta and Rivers etc. We shall be eternally gratefully if our dear Solution Governor will kindly and graciously approve this our age-long request. This will help cement the relationship that has been existing between labour and government in the state. We can help in the location, if you so direct Sir.


Organised labour is dissatisfied with the non establishment of ministry of labour or appointment of special adviser on labour matters unlike other states of the federation. Mr Governor, labour is a major stakeholder that helps to create wealth and cannot be seen as a mere organization. Organized labour appeal for the establishment of Ministry of labour and immediate appointment of the commissioner that will oversee the affairs of the ministry and workers in the state.


It is our appeal to the Solution Governor to look into the low cost housing estate project meant for workers at Isiagu and see how the state government could meet up with the necessary infrastructure needed to be in place to enable federal mortgage Bank approve and release the required loan to the developer to enable them continue with the project. We appeal to you our Solution Governor to assist the workers in actualizing their dream of having a home of their own, as this project, if actualized would alleviate the accommodation problems of workers.


Mr Governor, organized labour cannot stop appreciating you for the thousands of teachers and health care providers you have employed, since you took over as the chief shepherd of the state. Organized labour appeals to you, Mr Governor sir, to graciously consider the recruitment of staff in the various ministries and parastatals in the state including ASUBEB/PPSSC to fill the vacancies created by deaths and retirement as non recruitment in these ministries are jeopardizing the productivity output and staff development in the system.


Congress sincerely appeals to our amiable Governor to consider procurement of new buses to support the existing ones meant for conveying workers to and from different locations in the state to their places of work. Congress also requests for the prompt maintenance of the existing ones as some of the vehicles can no longer serve the purpose they were meant for.

Congress appeals for declaration by Fiat of thirty thousand naira (N30,000) as minimum pension in the state. This is eminent, our Solution Governor, so that the current situation where many pensioners are receiving as low as three hundred and thirty three naira, forty-five kobo (N333.45) as their monthly pension will be a thing of the past.
Consequently, Congress requests for the payment of arrears of eleven (11) months pension owed some primary school pensioners from 2002 to 2003, amounting to four hundred and ninety million, One Hundred and Eighty Four Thousand, Six Hundred and Twenty Six Naira Fifty Eight Kobo (N490,184,626.58). The arrears were approved for payment since 2014 and the approval is in the custody of Joint Accounts Allocation Committee (JAAC) waiting to be disbursed to the beneficiaries.


There is need for recruitment of non-teaching staff in various state educational institutions, especially ASUBEB and PPSSC to fill the vacancies created by mass retirement without recruitment/replacement over the years.

PECULIARITY ALLOWANCE: Mr Governor sir, we remind you that 17½ percent peculiarity allowance approved for non-teaching staff of ASUBEB and PPSSC, along-side with Teachers Enhancement Allowance (TEA) for teachers since 2009 has not been implemented till date.

Organized labour earnestly appeals to Mr Governor to look into the condition of service of all the staff of Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University (COOU) with regard to their retirement benefits and Pension as this request has been a reoccurring issue every year.

Urgent Need for Recruitment to replace the massive retiring workers since 2004 till date: Organised Labour request for an immediate massive recruitment of workers in the local Government system to replace the gaps created by massive retirement and dead staff since 2004. Organised Labour wishes to inform Mr Governor, that local Government is moving into extinction in less than ten years from now as a result of massive retirement and death without recruitment or replacement , because as at today there is no more staff on level, 6,7, and 8. These comprise of clerical staff, messenger, security men, executive officers etc in the local Government system in Anambra state. Organised Labour appeals that you direct the Local Government Service Commission to commence immediate recruitment of workers in the Local Government System.
Poor Funding of Local Government Service Commission : Organised Labour requests for an improved funding of the Local Government Service Commission to help in training and re-training of workers in the Local Government System. It is important to inform you sir, that the Local Government Service Commission is being denied their constitutional 1% total allocation but were being given a paltry sum of less than 5million for the running of the Local Government Service Commission which has no impact on the system and has denied workers the opportunity of regular trainings and retraining. Organised Labour appeals that you give an executive order to JAAC for a greater percentage of money to be released to the Local Government Service Commission monthly for staff training.
Appointment of permanent secretary for the Local Government Service Commission : The Organised Labour appeals that Mr Governor appoints a seasoned Local Government Administrator as a permanent secretary in the local Government service commission as obtainable in other states to facilitate the smooth administration of the local Government system.
Consolidated salaries for Heads of Local Government Administration and Provision of operational vehicles: The Organised Labour requests for a consolidated salaries for Heads of local government Administration who serve the position of permanent secretaries in their various councils as approved by Anambra State House of Assembly. The congress also requests for the provision of operational vehicles for the 21 LGA for the smooth running of the administration. It is not good that heads of local Government in Anambra states are seen moving around with commercial vehicles while on official duties.


Congress appeals for government to approve in-service training of nurses to meet up with the current health needs of the citizens.

Death of nursing personnel: The nursing workforce has over the years been grossly depleted through retirement, death and most recently, the brain drain to greener pastures overseas and federal health institutions. Congress calls on the state government to massively recruit at least a thousand nurses with various specialties for effective and efficient health care of indigenes and residents in the state.

Approval of 100% CONHESS and implementation of reviewed Hazard Allowance:
Governments are called upon to approve 100% consolidated health salary structure (CONHESS) for Nurses and implement the national reviewed hazard allowance for Nurses in order to motivate them for higher productivity and to curb the ravaging brain drain in the health sector.

Recall that the National Union Of Road Transport Workers is a registered trade union, recognized by law and empowered to unionize members and manage motor parks in all the states of the federation. Therefore, congress appeals to our dear Governor to look into the state chapter of National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) and see how they can be accorded recognition and be integrated into the business of the government at various motor parks in the state. They are experienced on the job and can do better, if well channeled. Mr Governor, these prayers has been presented to you every year, patiently waiting for action Sir.


Training and retraining of workers through workshops, seminars and in-service trainings to enable workers improve on their skills. We remind you, Mr Governor, that No Nation will develop beyond the capacity level of its workforce. There is need to develop our workers to the capacity that will help them contribute meaningfully to the development of the state as well be able to compete in the competitive world of work in the global environment.

Organized labour earnestly wish to use this forum to thank our Governor for the numerous actions taken to address some of our demands after the 2023 workers day celebration. Among the issues addressed is the appointment of permanent secretaries, absorption of staff of defunct Anambra Newspapers and printing corporation into various ministries, Resolving of over 17 years court case between the state government and Auptre the union in-charge of workers in Anambra State water corporation and Anambra State Environmental protection Agency (ANSEPA) as well as efforts towards restoring of pipe borne water in our major cities in the state. Thank you Mr Governor as we yearn and hope that this new year 2024/2025 that most of our demands as presented in this address will be adequately addressed.

Permit me, Mr Governor, to also thank the MD/CEO of Anambra State Health Insurance Agency (ASHIA), Dr Simeon Onyemaechi who sponsored the NLC 2024 MAY DAY medical outreach free of charge for two days, workers are grateful to you sir. Also, worthy of appreciation also is the MD/CEO of Awka Capital Development Authority (ACTDA), Mr Ossy Onuko (Ife Igbo) who also supported the programmes of NLC 2024 May Day celebration as well as the Chairman, Anambra State Sports Commission Hon. Patrick Estate Onyedum (Ezike Ifeadigo Anaocha) who supported our various sporting activities that lasted for one week. We are indeed grateful to all of you sir and Anambra workers will not forget you all in a hurry for putting smiles on their faces.

Mr Governor, sir, my fellow comrades, Our special guest, Gentlemen of the press, distinguish ladies and gentlemen, before I conclude this address, may I once more console our Governor and good people of Anambra state on the demise of two former governors of the state, Dr C.C Mbadinuju (ODERA) and Dr Chukwuemeka Ezeife (OKWADIKE) who joined the Saints triumphant according to the will of God. May God Almighty grant their souls eternal rest. Amen.
To our solution and damiable Governor, we thank and appreciate you for finding time to be with us in this year’s workers day celebration despite your tight schedule.
All our special guests, veterans and invitees, we are blessed with your presence, continuous support and solidarity.
May your journey back home after this event be

By Ifeizu Joe

Ifeizu is a seasoned journalist and Managing Editor of TheRazor. He has wide knowledge of Anambra State and has reported the state objectively for over a decade.

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