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Ibemesi never bought Joneb Holiday Inn, Nebolisa’s daughter clarifies


A lady with the name, Brenda Nay, who is alleged to be the daughter of late Igwe John Nebolisa, who was known as Ibilibeogada 1 of Awkuzu has denied that the late socialite’s hotel, Joneb Holiday Inn had been sold to one Augustine Kosisochukwu Ibemesi.

THE RAZOR had erroneously reported that Ibemesi had bought the hotel after one of his friend broke the news on social media congratulating him for it.

Several so ial media users had also posted that Ibemesi had bought the famous but abandoned resort.

But Brenda Nay in a post on Facebook lampooned Ibemesi for living a fake life and chasing clout with his father’s name.

Her text below read..


I very much like to keep my family’s business and my social media separate.
But this time, it is quite necessary to merge both for this disclaimer, for I abhor blatant liars more than I love privacy.

This dimwit poser has been telling people that he acquired my late father’s old hotel.
This is a bold faced LIE!
The fake life activist even went as far as paying blogs to post about it.
I would like to state emphatically, that this man is a liar and a clout chaser, nothing was ever sold to him.
According to my mum, he visited my family house yesterday evening and made some enquiries about the old hotel, and that was that! Only for this supposed human to post on his socials immediately he left, claiming that he bought the hotel and that the deal is sealed, I have never seen this type of fake life activism.
Several of my family members have reached out to him to make a disclaimer, but he refuses to comply, which is why I am calling him out myself.
I don’t appreciate the fact that this cretin is attaching himself to my father’s name, My father was not perfect, but he sure AF wasn’t a fake life activist.
Please disregard this attention seeking meat suit and any claims of any purchase.
It’s quite sad that people resort to lying with their full chest just for attention.
Very pathetic.

By Ifeizu Joe

Ifeizu is a seasoned journalist and Managing Editor of TheRazor. He has wide knowledge of Anambra State and has reported the state objectively for over a decade.

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