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Obi exposes how cultists, govt officials share Anambra KEKE revenue

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The Razor News can authoritatively report that KEKE riders in Awka North and South are in pains.

They alleged exploitation by their leaders and some government officials.

One of them who spoke to our correspondent in confidence said,” our leaders are billionaires because of the huge sums of money they exploit from us. Some Government officials benefit hugely from this exploitation.
“We can’t protest in the open because if we do they will send cultists on us the next minute. We don’t know why Government is keeping quiet on this issue.

A right activist, Osita Obi condemning the situation on his Facebook page writes:

About this time last year, the Anambra state government invited all keke drivers to Alex Ekwueme Square where they were told that the state government will introduce ATMC code number to checkmate crime within keke operation in Awka. ATMC means, Anambra state transport management code. The Hon. commissioner for trade and commerce Uchenna Okafor(Wiper) represented the governor in this meeting. He told the keke drivers that ATMC will come into operation in January 2021 and that the price is #2000.

But by January 2021 those revenue agents engaged by state government in Awka north and south recruited cultists to enforce compliance. And instead of collecting #2000 from keke drivers as directed by the state government ,they were collecting between #4,600, #5000, #6,800 and #7,800. The cultists collect these amounts and issues government receipt of #1,500. What a fraud?

“We have about 9000 keke operating in Awka north and south local government areas. The government know about this but allowed it because the cultists make huge financial returns to senior government officials. The government know the cultists and their sponsors.

” The police and DSS know them also but could not do anything because they are protected by government. The Anambra state government is aware of this general disorder in Awka. We cannot continue this way. Anambra state government must be held responsible and accountable for any further killing in Awka.

Obi added:Keke drivers in Awka north and south local government areas of Anambra state pass through hell in the hands of Anambra state government officials and her revenue agents.

” Every Christmas a compulsory levy of #4,500 is imposed on every keke driver operating in Awka north and south local government areas and cultists are recruited to enforce it.

“Keke operation in Awka north and south local government areas is run by the cultists. Anambra state government knew about it and tolerated it because the cultists make huge financial returns to senior government officials.

This huge financial returns come from keke drivers who some of them are University graduates. These cultists are responsible for the many killings that goes on in the capital city. It is only in Anambra state that government uses cultists to collect revenue.

” It’s also irony that seventy percent of these revenue end in the pocket of senior government officials. Keke drivers must not be compelled to pay #4,500 for Christmas party. The Anambra state ministry of transport and its commissioner must make and issue a categorical statement on this matter. End of the year party should be optional not force. Keke drivers should be left alone, Obi stated


Ifeizu is a seasoned journalist and Managing Editor of TheRazor. He has wide knowledge of Anambra State and has reported the state objectively for over a decade.

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