Obijackson sponsors 50 children for heart surgeries


By Our correspondent

The Obijackson Foundation and Hospitals for Humanity, HFH, have partnered to bring life-saving intervention to Nigerian children suffering from congenital heart defects, particularly, those from poor families.

Through surgical procedures sponsored by the foundation, the partnership aims to correct the defect in 50 children selected through clinical screening from a long-waiting list of sufferers in need of help.

The intervention will also provide an opportunity to transfer medical skills and build capacity in Nigeria’s healthcare system as staff from the Obijackson Women and Children Hospital, OWCH, will work alongside HFH during the operation.

The first phase of the intervention was the screening to determine the status of the condition, severity, and the level of intervention required which held between March 19 and 22 March at the OWCH in Okija, Anambra State.

The assessment revealed that some of them no longer required surgeries as their defects were healed.

However, others with critical conditions, most of whom are facing uncertain futures, were placed on a waiting list, awaiting the opportunity for a life-changing operation that will be held in May, August, and November of this year, with the number of beneficiaries likely to go up through the support of other Nigerians.

Speaking on the development, the Director of the Obijackson Foundation, Pamela Egbo, said the initiative represents a beacon of hope for those who cannot help themselves in a country where studies have shown that the prevalence of congenital heart diseases is as high 83.6 percent.
Infants are said to suffer early death due to a lack of support for comprehensive programmes that cover the care of these patients.

Egbo said the initiative transcended medical care, offering a lifeline to underprivileged families struggling with the emotional and financial weight of their children’s conditions.

‘’The heart screening program was a profound experience, revealing tear-jerking scenes of children battling serious forms of congenital heart defects, parents gripped by sadness and desperation, and families grappling with the financial burden of medical care.

“However, amidst the struggles, there was an unwavering determination to make a difference’’, she asserted.

Egbo added that the partnership exemplifies the power of compassion and collective action, adding that as the initiative progresses, the dedicated teams remain committed to transforming lives.

“One precious heart at a time, and we invite compassionate individuals to contribute to this vital cause.”

Speaking, the CEO/Founder of HFH, Dr Segun Ajayi said the mission is to transform lives and save little hearts by providing essential life-saving surgery and medical care to those in need.

He stated that beyond the immediate medical intervention, the collaboration seeks to raise awareness about congenital heart defects and mobilise support for those affected.

‘’It is a call to action, and I urge people to come together to support these vulnerable children and their families,’ he added.

By Ifeizu Joe

Ifeizu is a seasoned journalist and Managing Editor of TheRazor. He has wide knowledge of Anambra State and has reported the state objectively for over a decade.

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