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Okpalaeke urges varsities to use ICT to provide solutions to Nigeria’s problem


The Bishop of Ekwulobia Catholic Diocese, and Co-proprietor of Peter University, Achina/Onneh, Anambra State has called on Nigerian universities to leverage technology to solve the country’s numerous problems.

Okpalaeke stated this while delivering  his homily on Friday, during a mass to mark the maiden matriculation of Peter University, a newly established institution, owned by Awka and Ekwulobia Catholic Dioceses. The institution had yesterday matriculated over 200 students.

Okpalaeke in his homily during the matriculation said: “Universities are places of higher learning, where problems of society are identified, and scholars go into research to find out the solution to such problems.

“That is why universities must prioritize research. In Peter University, we will not just teach you, we will show you what we are teaching you. It is not enough to teach students that the book is on the table, but put a book on the table and let them see it.

“The electricity you see today was invented by people. Does it mean that we do not have people in this part of the world that can invent things?

“I’m sure there are, but you only hear of them when they step outside Nigeria. Thanks to invention, you do not have to go outside the country  for you to shine. That is why we at Peter University are investing heavily in ICT to bring the world to us.

“We want to give student of Peter University the opportunity to show what they can do. You will be tutored to identify challenges and to research it’s solution.

“I have found that we now outsource our challenges to other people. Our people identify a challenge and they go to China and give them huge resources to find the solution to such challenge.

“Here you will not just acquire certificates, but in addition you will acquire the competency and ability to provide solutions. The human brain is the greatest raw material from God. Every other natural resources is complementary. If you don’t  have the brain to process raw materials, they will be wastes, even if they are flowing at your backyard. Peter University is here to remind man that we are co-creators with God.”

In his remark, the Vice Chancellor of the university, Prof Emmanuel Umezinwa said: “The vision of Peter University is to be a world-class university renowned for the production of self-reliant globally-competitive graduates with altruistic morals. We will provide knowledge and skills using ICT and apply global best practices by dedicated and research- oriented staff.

“This university is established to uplift the human person created as a manifestation of the glory of God: to lead all to the truth and seek holistic human formation, inculcating the Christian and cultural tenets of honesty, diligence, discipline, love of God and nation.”

By Ifeizu Joe

Ifeizu is a seasoned journalist and Managing Editor of TheRazor. He has wide knowledge of Anambra State and has reported the state objectively for over a decade.

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