2025: No plan to replace Ibezim with Chidoka as Soludo’s running mate – APGA


The All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) has debunked media reports that the Anambra State Governor Prof Chukwuma Soludo, is mulling of replacing the deputy governor, Dr Onyekachi Ibezim with erstwhile Minister of Aviation, Osita Chidoka, as his running mate in the 2025 governorship election.

Describing the report as dubious and
a lie from the pit of hell, the National Coordinator of All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) Media Warriors Forum , Chinedu Obigwe, said it was the handiwork of mischief makers.

Obigwe said,”The above referred blackmail piece is the handiwork of Ifeanyi Ubah propagandists. There is no any iota of truth in the above referred story.

According to the report Obigwe was reacting to, “There is mounting pressure on Governor Soludo to reconsider his current deputy, Dr Onyekachi Ibezim, and instead run on a joint ticket with former Minister of Aviation, Osita Chidoka in the 2025 Anambra governorship election.”

The report further said, ” It has been reported that Chidoka, unless there are any changes, will leave the PDP and join APGA in preparation for the election.

“It is believed in some quarters that a repeat of Soludo/Ibezim ticket come 2025 will spell doom for APGA considering the fact that Ibezim holds little or no electoral value with respect to the influence APC throws around in Anambra State currently.

” Insider sources have revealed concerns from Soludo’s team about Uche Ekwunife’s move to the APC, given her strong political influence in Anambra Central Zone and the state as a whole.

“They fear that Senator Ifeanyi Ubah already poses a strong challenge in the southern senatorial zone, judging by the performance of his former party, YPP, in the last general election. Soludo’s team believes that if Ubah is allowed to work with Ekwunife in the Central Zone without being counterbalanced by another strong force like Chidoka, who hails from a significant voting bloc, it may impact Soludo’s chances of winning a second term.

According to the report, Soludo initially considered handing over leadership to Chidoka and had discussed the idea with bishops in the Anglican communion. The source confirmed that Soludo, unhappy with the dominating influence of Catholics in the state’s affairs, confided in Anglican bishops and wealthy Anglicans that he would prefer an Anglican to be his successor, which has earned him great support from affluent Anglicans.

The report added,” Due to the desperation of the APC to take power from the APGA government, Soludo’s team has decided to re-strategize. Instead of bringing Chidoka after his second term, they plan to bring him in now to counteract the political alliance between Ifeanyi Ubah and Ekwunife.

The source stated that Chidoka’s appeal to the people of Anambra, especially coming from a large voting bloc in Idemili, makes him the ideal candidate.


Reacting to the development, Obigwe said, “As for Ubah/Ekwunife collabo, anybody describing it as a tsunami is massaging their ego that is obviously over bloated.

“I will continue saying that the two of them are familiar political foes and I am confident that Governor Soludo will triumph over them in 2025.

The resort of ifeanyi Ubah propagandists to peddling of unbelievable lies will not help to advance their pay master ill conceived governorship ambition.

Their political marriage will collapse like a pack of card in 2025 and after that, they will scatter in different ways.

What the propagandists of the clueless ifeanyi Ubah want to achieve is to instigate a crack in Governor Soludo team.

Governor Soludo joint ticket with Dr Onyeka ibezim can be likened to an inseparable siamese twins.

Most importantly, Dr Onyeka ibezim is a loyal Deputy and that made it difficult for disgruntled elements like ifeanyi Ubah to use cooked up lies to strain his relationship with Governor Soludo.

As for Chidoka, Governor Soludo is not planning to pick him as Deputy and Governor Soludo is not also planning to hand over to him after his divinely ordained 2nd term.

Ifeanyi Ubah propagandists attested in the above referred blackmail piece that Governor Soludo 2nd term mandate is already ordained by God.

On the aspect of Governor Soludo clinching a 2nd term mandate in 2025, the enemies has confessed with their own mouth that he is unstoppable and I agree with them.

I will not fail to state emphatically that they lied on their claim that Governor Soludo want to drop his Deputy, Dr. Onyeka ibezim to pick Chidoka aa Deputy and hand over to Chidoka after his 2nd term.

Another unbelievable and childish lie of ifeanyi Ubah propagandists is their claim that Governor Soludo is not happy with Catholic domineering influence in Anambra politics.

To start with, Governor Soludo is not playing ethnic or religious card in all his political engagement.

He is a proud Catholic and the highest promoter of ecumenism in Anambra hence his reason for extending invitation to clerics from different denomination to superitend over morning prayers at Governors lodge Amawbia

The last thing Governor Soludo will do is to indulge in religious politics because it’s not his trademark and he cannot be seen dividing ndi Anambra along religious lines.

The above referred blackmail piece has clearly shown that the only thing ifeanyi Ubah and Uche Ekwunife collabo are offering ndi Anambra is sowing of seed of discord , division and wickedness.

They want to poison the mind of Catholic faithfuls against Governor Soludo but they have failed and will remain failures.

Governor Soludo is focused on delivering his campaign promises to ndi Anambra and he cannot be distracted by the propagandists of the clueless ifeanyi Ubah.

The general public should disregard the above referred blackmail piece because it’s ifeanyi Ubah propagandists cooked up lies that can only fly in their warped imagination.

By Ifeizu Joe

Ifeizu is a seasoned journalist and Managing Editor of TheRazor. He has wide knowledge of Anambra State and has reported the state objectively for over a decade.

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