Air Peace: The brainchild of a Nigerian prodigy


By Nwode Nkeiruka

A dream that is nurtured on selfless thoughts and intended to redefine the perception of people towards a positive outlook often spirals into greatness despite critics.

Dr Allen Onyema, a prodigy of the Nigerian testament, has proven that there’s still hope in the aviation industry/sector.

The dream of Airpeace as a prestigious indigenous airline after a collaborative review of policies and strategies is to grow in size and fly unlimited all over the world, among other big airlines. Therefore, flying en route lagos to Gatwick UK is just a starting feat.

The idea to venture into aviation business with seven (7) airlines in 2013 was to crave an ambitious and resilient journey of a conqueror with faith. Despite the hiccups, Barr. Allen Onyema was never deterred of any risk rather, he stood in between this gap of daunting challenges and the dream of being one of the leading airlines in Nigeria and sub Sahara Africa.

He encouraged himself
as an idealist young man, very focused, made remarkable sacrifices, highly dedicated to constant struggles, strength, and wisdom. These handwork has brought Airpeace to glorious height and today, he is being celebrated by his continuous impact in the aviation industry.

Notable Nigerians like Festus Kayemo SAN, Obi Cubana, Amb.Bianca Ojukwu, Senator Ifeanyi Uba extol Airpeace as an impressive, dedicated, and contributing airline to the Nigeria project. Too many others, it is a breath of fresh air to Nigerians.

Barr. Allen Onyema encouraged brotherhood, promoting indigenous collaborative innovations, hope, strength, empathy, and philanthropist, which has earned him blessings from God. His refined mindset, matured and brotherly approach towards other suppose competitors in the aviation business is highly commendable and worthy of emulation. This attribute attracted numerous encomium from the public who sighted him putting up the face cap of United Nigeria airline.

Apart from that, through his selfless and passion driven agenda in the aviation business, Barr Allen constantly airlifted stranded and vulnerable Nigerians trapped across troubled zones or countries all around the world back to Nigeria.

Away from that, Airpeace reasonable contributions to the growth of Nigeria dwindling economy and workforce can not be over emphasized even when prices of aviation products and levies seem to hit the sky.

Let’s encourage and embrace our own by flying Airpeace and United Nigeria airlines.

We should shun witchunting and sentimental syndrome that pervades our mindset as a nation. These factors and many others have rendered the dreams of many Nigerians who would have taken the country to promising heights moribund. The fabric of our nationhood is unhealthy and riddled with enemity, ethnicity, and acrimonious culture and consequently dilapidated our sense of unity as a people and our ingenuity.

Interestingly, Barr. Allen Onyema holding hands with his brother Prof.Obiorah Okonkwo; a competitor in aviation industry as two great sons of our country Nigeria flying the flag of brotherhood, peace and unity and showcasing the endearing spirit of love and safety in Nigeria and aviation space is a history to beckon. Nigerians were smiling to this progress, maturity, and shining example of these suppose competitors. Bearing in mind that life is worthless without the spirit of being your brothers keeper as a nation.

Thank God, worthy sons and daughters of this great nation are doing well in every aspect of human endeavors and existence. Take for instance, Dangote and Bua from the North are in control of cement, Adenuga of west control telecommunications, Barr. Allen and Prof. Okonkwo of the East doing maverlously well in the aviation space, while the South-South control the oil rich region. Unfortunately, we lost another giant from the South South doing well in banking industry late Herbert wigwe, may his soul continue to requiescat in pace 🙏.

Hopefully, by the time these resourceful feats from these idealist bigwigs are unanimously pulled to the table devoid of divisive and acrimonious tendencies, I believe Nigeria would be a great nation.

By Ifeizu Joe

Ifeizu is a seasoned journalist and Managing Editor of TheRazor. He has wide knowledge of Anambra State and has reported the state objectively for over a decade.

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