Indigenes of Ezinano community in Awka which comprises 20 vilages that make up the state capital have said that it will not forfeit its land for the sake that its town was named the capital of Anambra State decades ago.
The community lamented that ever since it was named the capital of Anambra State, it has been losing its landed property to government without compensation; and it is now in doubt if the status of the capital city is really a blessing or a curse to them.
To this end, the indigenes of the community have resolved to wrestle back its land acquired by the Anambra State government without due process, saying that the property were handed to them by their forefathers and they are obligated to hand same to their children.
Elders and youths of the village who assembled very early yesterday at the towns village square resolved that, “in as much as Awka people are very accommodating and ready to accept strangers, we will not sit back and watch while our land are taken away, even as we do not have a place where our children will live.
“We are happy with what the Obiano government is doing in Awka, and if you look around Awka you will observe changes, but we will not accept for our land to be taken away. We are appealing to the government to hands off the Hilltop New Town Layout land which they want to take away from us.”
Speaking through the youth leader of the community, Comrade Obi Ochije Muodilim, the community stated its readiness to face the Obiano administration if it refused to hands off the land, as the land in question was meant for their children who will in future seek a place to expand to.
The community also disbanded a 20-man committee which it had earlier constituted to oversee its landed property around Awka metropolis, alleging that the group rather than be the eye of the community has been ceding its land to buyers and collecting gratification for it.
An elder of the community, Hon Kanayo Obidigbo who moved the motion for the disbandment said, “We are saying here today that the 20-man committee set up to oversee our land has now become the devourer of our land.
“We are therefore disbanding the committee today, because the people who they set out to work for have said that they are not representing them well, so from today they stand disbanded. Awka people I hope I have said your mind,” Obidigbo asked while moving the motion.
The community in unison decided that the work of the committee has come to an end, while the oldest man in the community, Elder Chike Nwokoye who poured libation to bless the decision, dared anyone to go contrary and incur the wrath of the land.
Youths of the community who thronged the village square vowed to resist any form of intimidation from the government, saying that there were ready to square up with the government of the state in any form should their resolution be defied.

By Ifeizu Joe

Ifeizu is a seasoned journalist and Managing Editor of TheRazor. He has wide knowledge of Anambra State and has reported the state objectively for over a decade.

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