Bottom power won’t send Ekwunife to senate says Umeh campaign org

Bottom power won’t send Ekwunufe to Senate says umeh campaign org

Our attention has been drawn to an online interview granted by the unconscionable irritant Uche Ekwunife to Ashiwaju.org where she repeatedly called our distinguished Principal, Chief (Sir) Victor Umeh KSJ, FNVIS, OFR a rat. We are shocked beyond words that an Igbo woman can come out openly to insult and call names on a man who is old enough to be her husband if not older without any iota of provocation. This is an anathema to Igbo cultural values. To think that a mother and a woman supposedly under a man could do this calls for a lot of questions on her upbringing, her family values, her value as a wife and her value as a mother. Is there any honour in the supposedly “Honourable” Mrs. Uche Ekwunife?

It is clear that Uche Ekwunife has no iota of regard for her husband as no woman under a man can carry on the way she does. She has reduced her husband to a vegetable and jettisoned every value that a married woman is known for. We challenge Uche Ekwunife to show us her husband so that the world would see the poor man for themselves. Our Principal goes everywhere with his wife. Even the President goes on campaigns with his wife. Where is Uche Ekwunife’s husband? Is she telling the world that she is a widow? She should not carry on as if she were a widow for her husband is not yet dead. He is hale and hearty.

Uche Ekwunife was a common account officer who rose to prominence through an unquestionable relationship with a onetime governor of Anambra State. The tale of that relationship is still making the rounds. Things are such that any husband that eats the euphemistic onugbu soup for which she is known is considered lost by his wife. It is not our intention to join issues with this shady character but let it be known that she lacks the moral standing to judge anybody in Anambra State let alone Chief (Sir) Victor Umeh. There are many women who have made their marks in politics and their chosen professions but not necessary through feminine charms or bottom power. We respect them.

One cannot bottom to the Senate. Anambra Central deserves responsible representatives. We are alarmed that after sending her thugs to destroy our Principal’s billboards this character would still unabashedly claim that Chief Victor Umeh has been destroying her billboards. The Red Chamber is not meant for rascally characters. We urge Uche Ekwunife to go and do her duty to her husband and children. She should give her husband the respect she deserves as a man and her husband. It is only when she is able to respect her husband that she can respect other men. We are not worried about her name-calling on Chief (Sir) Victor Umeh; her husband suffers worse indignities under her on a daily basis.

By Ifeizu Joe

Ifeizu is a seasoned journalist and Managing Editor of TheRazor. He has wide knowledge of Anambra State and has reported the state objectively for over a decade.

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