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I’ll give N20m to anyone with evidence that I’m a cultist – Baby Awka


An indigene of Awk goa, the Anambra state capital, Mr. Emeka Jude Agummadu (popularly known as Baby Awka) has denied being a member of any secret cult group or sponsoring any cult-related activity in the capital city.

Agummadu, a popular market leader and transport union leader in the state, was reacting to allegations levelled against him by some netizens who accused him of sponsoring cultists and cult-related activities in the state.

Taking to his social media handle on Thursday, Mr. Agummadu, who also linked the recent killings in the capital city to land grabbing, boldly declared that he was neither a cultist nor a land grabber, against accusations by some persons whom he described as paid agents of darkness using fake Facebook account to malign his name.

He said some people hate and envy him because of his helpfulness to people, which, he said was a gesture he learnt from his late father.

While wondering why faceless people would use fake social media accounts to tarnish his image; Baby Awka further challenged whoever has any concrete evidence to prove the allegation against him to come out boldly and publicly to present the evidence, pledging to offer a reward sum of N20million to the person.

He wrote:

“Some days back, some paid agents of darkness came to my page to reign insults and accusations on my person. I wanted to ignore them but later thought it wise to set the records straight.

“Some years back, I, Ozo Amb Emeka Jude Agummadu, Baby Awka, was accused of sponsoring cult activities in Awka because of Tricycle (Keke) and Shuttle buses. Today, those that are bent on spoiling my name have paid some agents 15k to 20k to use fake Facebook accounts to malign my name now with bailing their supposed cultists.

“I challenge anyone with concrete evidence to come out boldly to present it, I will give that person 20million.

“Every kinsman in the 33 villages knows who every member of their village is and what they can do so let’s stop this already. As I have always prayed, anybody spoiling Awka, let the gods of our forefathers spoil his life and that of his family.

“Secondly, if Awka people will tell themselves the truth, the issue at hand is not cult related, it’s issue of land grabbing. Land grabbers have taken all the lands in Awka and Anambra in the name of Estate, and every village in Awka knows the bad eggs in the community.

”I make bold to say I am not a land grabber and I don’t belong to any cult.

“My only offense is that I am a giver, which runs in my family. Elders in Agulu Awka can attest to this: My father OZ Agummadu was a cheerful giver when he was alive. so what I am doing today is the case of “like father like son”.

“Why they chose to malign my name is because I refused to be greedy, I am contented with what God has blessed me with and I use same to bless people around me that is why they hate and envy me.

“I call on the Commissioner of Police to dispatch security operatives to patrol the town. I also commend the Executive Governor of Anambra State, Prof. Charles Chukwuma Soludo for not relenting and trying to get these criminal elements out of Anambra State.

“To my Awka brothers and sisters, let’s stop hating each other, let us learn to tolerate each other and show love to each other for peace to reign in our land. Awka is so blessed, that with Love we shall conquer…”

Credit: Izunna Okafor, Awka

By Ifeizu Joe

Ifeizu is a seasoned journalist and Managing Editor of TheRazor. He has wide knowledge of Anambra State and has reported the state objectively for over a decade.

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