Isuaniocha PG Begs for Peace in Community, Extols Anarah

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The President General of Isuaniocha community in Awka North Local Government Area of Anambra State, Mr Paul Okoye has called on all warring parties in the area to sheath their swords and come to the alter of peace for the overall development of the town.

Okoye made the appeal through while speaking with journalists in Isuaniocha on the need to resolve the crisis going on in the area.

According to him, there were no serious problem in the community as portrayed in some section of the media, but said the only issue was that a particular family, the Onyeagolus who felt that they were wealthy decided to wage war with the rest of the people in the community for their own personal gains.

A past president general, Mr Tony Onyeagolu, and a promise et son of the community, Mr Cosmos Okonkwo, a Special Adviser to Governor Soludo have been at loggerhead. Onyeagolu accused another government appointee, Chikodi Anarah of being the cause of the crisis in the community.

But Mr Okoye who was recently elected as the president general called for peace,  saying his administration was for peace and urged all parties to come together with a view to resolving the issues on the altar of peace.

He said: “The problem in Isuaniocha is not as big as people are made to believe, the problem is that a small group of people that have been perpetrating a lot of crime in Isuaniocha, misusing the Nigerian police because they have money.

“They have been the problem we have. They killed somebody and instead of coming to plead with the people to forgive them, they are busy using the Nigerian police to harass the people because they have money.

“There is a tradition in this town, there is a way it can be settled, but they are doling out money and threatening even the people they killed their relations. But I want everybody to come back, lets reorganize Isuaniocha and let peace reign,” he said.


Reacting to recent accusations against the Anambra State Commissioner for hameland Affairs, Mr Chikodi Anarah by the former president general of Isuaniocha, Comrade Tony Onyeagolu, the new PG said the former, Mr Anarah was instrumental to ensure that there was peace in the community during his days as adviser to chief Willie Obiano.

According to him, the entire area would have been deserted if not for the intervention of Mr Anarah who called government attention to the leadership high-handedness of Onyeagolu which was tearing the town into parts.

“Tony Onyeagolu cannot accuse the Commissioner for Homeland Affairs. Mr Anarah was the reason why people are still in Isuaniocha today. He used his office as SSA to the former governor to fight for peace in Isuaniocha.

“It was the first time I was seeing police work hand in hand with thugs and all sorts of people. They will arrest people, you will see some names on their list, and you will not see some.

“I was the financial secretary to Mr Onyeagolu, I was the assistant secretary under the leadership of Offorbike Mkpume, I served under all of them before becoming the PG now so I know them very well. Chikodi Anarah wanted to bring peace but this people don’t want peace.”

Mr okoye therefore appealed to the governor soludo led administration, to set up a fact finding team to the community with a view to inviting all the parties and bringing lasting peace for the overall development of the area.

Also speaking on the former PG, Onyeagolu,the youth leader of the community, Ozor Onyemazu Ngini revealed that Onyeagolu’s election as PG was illegal, ab initio.

He said a judge, His Lordships, Hon Justice D.A Onyefulu in his judgment on Wednesday 3rd April 2019 at High Court Holden at Onitsha stated so.

Ozor Ngini explained that contrary to the claims of Mr Onyeagolu that he was removed for not selling school land, his removal was as a result of his overzealousness and high-handedness within the period he held sway.

He said the intervention by the government to remove him was apt and was done in the best interest of the entire community who Onyeagolu was beginning to abuse and intimidate with his family members.


Ifeizu is a seasoned journalist and Managing Editor of TheRazor. He has wide knowledge of Anambra State and has reported the state objectively for over a decade.

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