Miss Anambra Sex Scandal: DSS Receives New Video Suggesting Chidinma Okeke May Have Undertaken Act Without Duress – New Video Shows faces of Those Behind it, source alleges

The last have not been heard of the involvement of the 2015 winner of the Miss Anambra Beauty Pageant, Miss Chidinma Okeke’s involvement in a lesbian act, whose video has gone viral on the internet.

WWW.ELEKENEWS.COMreports that the department of state security, DSS has received in confidence a new sex tape, which also showed the beauty queen in the act. Unlike the first two videos, it was gathered that the new video is very lengthy and revealed that the queen may not be an amateur in the game as seen in previous videos.

A source disclosed to WWW.ELEKENEWS.COMthat the DSS has swung into action to unravel those involved in the making and leaking of the video, and also to ascertain if the beauty queen was coarsed into making the video, or was simply enjoying herself with her ilk, without knowing the video would get into the wrong hand.
Our source who spoke on condition of anonymity said an unknown person sent in the video when it became clear that some politicians who are bent on making political gains out of the whole saga were bent on skewing the story against some people who knew nothing about the queen’s act, just to get at Anambra State government.
“Its in the new video that you will see what the girl is capable of doing. The new video even showed the girl behind the scene, where she gave the camera to the other girl and joined the act, while a male partner later came into the room and had sex with the queen.
“After the whole act, the parties involved were also seen in the new video dancing naked. The DSS has all those now, and I believe investigations have started.” The source said.
The source said the news of the threat to Chidinma’s life when she decided to hold a press conference to tell her side of the story may not be true as the queen knows very well what she has done, and how she can also speak to the world from the very confines of her room if she wished to do so, even without calling a press conference.
“If the security people refuse to give her security, or she is afraid of coming out to say who and who her blackmailers are, then she can just type her story and post it to her social media handles and the world would read it from there; that is if she is ready to tell the true story,” said our source.
The source added that the unknown person who sent in the video, which is now in the hands of the SSS denied posting the two videos already trending now to the internet, but said that because the full video of the girls’ act are in their possession, it would be wise to send it in to prove the innocence of some people who are about to be used as scapegoats, even though they know nothing of the girl’s act.
The unknown person it was gathered is a friend of one of the girls involved in the act, and that the video had been sent in for safekeeping after the friend involved in the act had problem with her phone, but latter collected it.
Our source mentioned that the act was not under duress, and that it was done in a students’ lodge in Awka, in a room belonging to one of the girls’ involved, and that the girls maybe putting it on camera just for them to be able to always recount the moment, but unfortunately, it found its was in the wrong hand.
Counsel to the embattled beauty queen WWW.ELEKENEWS.COM gathered had told journalists that his client would be willing to speak to the media anytime this week. Only then would the world get the opportunity to hear her part of the story.
The embattled queen had rightly pointed out in her facebook post that her traducers had told her they will post more videos on the internet, but refused to say if she involved in the lurid content of the video under duress.

By Ifeizu Joe

Ifeizu is a seasoned journalist and Managing Editor of TheRazor. He has wide knowledge of Anambra State and has reported the state objectively for over a decade.

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