My business is mainly with the dead-APAMS Proprietor

The Managing Director of Apams Ltd; an organization of undertakers, Sir. Kevin Chukwumaobi has said that his business as an undertaker and burial planner has kept him close to the dead; the reason for which he is in business.
The foremost south east undertaker revealed that the job of conveying corpses and management of burials for bereaved families was a vision from God.

Chukwumaobi who dropped his pharmaceutical business and ventured into the business of converging dead bodies from one destination to another about twenty-three years ago described the job as satisfying.

He expressed satisfaction in doing the business saying that he saw the vision of carrying dead bodies in the dream where he was instructed to leave whatever business he was engaged in to serve humanity.

“I am a knight of St John International of the Catholic faith, I was in a dream one night about twenty-three years ago when God instructed me to leave whatever thing I was doing to venture into the business of conveying dead bodies.

“I first started as an ambulance driver and has conveyed over 4,000 dead bodies to various families and destinations for burial around Nigeria.”

He disclosed that since he ventured into the business it has been growing from strength to strength and has attracted friends to him from various social backgrounds.

Speaking on the notion that those who deal with dead bodies are always fetish, he said, “my greatest joy was forming a union among ambulance drivers that abolished fetish beliefs among its members who originally believed that conveying of corpses demand performance of certain rituals and the offer of hot drinks, tubers of yams and fowls from bereaved families after conveying of corpses to the families.
“I ended the demand by ambulance drivers that yams, bottle of hot drink and fowls must be presented to them by bereaved family after conveying corpse to the final destination. Initially it was very difficult as some of my members opposed it. But later we succeeded in abolishing any form of fetish beliefs or rituals attached to the job.

“My company has conveyed over 10,000 dead bodies to their final destinations in the past twenty-three years, we are also in the business of making and selling various sizes and shapes of caskets, we also undertake pall bearing and burial of the high and mighty.”

By Ifeizu Joe

Ifeizu is a seasoned journalist and Managing Editor of TheRazor. He has wide knowledge of Anambra State and has reported the state objectively for over a decade.

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