Each time Chief Victor Umeh, who is fond of seeing Peter Obi as an elixir to his ……. says anything against Obi, I tried as much as I can to answer him with the aim of clarifying mistakes, correcting factual details, answering to his objections, felling his “heresies,”et cetra. For example, when he lied about his first trip overseas, his first personal car, his role doing Obi’s impeachment, I usually clarified thus: That his first international passport and trip overseas were facilitated by Mr. Peter Obi (who paid for everything); that his first car was bought for him by Obi’s younger brother; that he was against Obi during the impeachment, but only turned when it appeared to him that Obi would succeed; that before Obi he was only the driver/PA to Chief Okonkwo (Ofiadulu); that he had a messy past relating to when he worked for INNOSON’S brother; that before he met Obi he was living in smelly, two-room flat paid for him by Ofiadulu (not that we all do not have our humble beginnings, but the need to acknowledge those that help us climb the rungs of life), etc
Surprisingly, each time I did this, the preponderance of views were that I should not reply him. People see him as a man, who has seen Obi moved so high beyond his imagination and contrary to their negative plots against him and is struggling hard and desperately with all the brute, burst energy of an animal at bay to drag him down where Obi will be doing tru bom tru bom with him.
Two days ago, he appeared on Face-the-Press programme of the Anambra State Broadcasting Service, which they are repeating every day. I learnt Peter Obi and Joe-Martins Uzodike were his only topic. He was trying to link Obi to what Obi knew nothing about – a publication in a newspaper. He said on air that Obi was a stupid man he managed till his tenure ended. He said that Obi was the one who planned that Gov. Obiano should be pelted with pure water sachets and stones when he went to Agulu to make uncomplimentary remarks about Obi. He said that he was the one behind all the policies that made Obi succeed in Anambra State, including return of schools to their owners. He said that he was already a billionaire before he met Obi and that he could not have benefitted anything from Obi.
At the ongoing electionnering, Obi never mentions Victor’s name, but at every place Victor use Obi as a cannon folder for his electioneering speeches. They have even gone ahead to produce another Video on Obi entitled “the Inconsistencies of a Man” and it is being aired on ABS every 30 Minutes. They have also approached all the TV stations in the country to air it. I understand they budgeted over 250 Million for it, including distributing it free to people.
In fact, his obsession about Obi has become the madness of Rufus about Naevia. Rufus would not do anything without mentioning Naevia and if Naevia were not borne, Rufus would be dumb.
Now, my brothers and Sisters, should I reply him or should I ignore him as you have always advocated?

By Ifeizu Joe

Ifeizu is a seasoned journalist and Managing Editor of TheRazor. He has wide knowledge of Anambra State and has reported the state objectively for over a decade.

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