Practice responsible Journalism, Anambra Govt tells Bloggers

 In a bid to ensure freedom of information law passed by the 7th National Assembly is respected to ensure public office holders are accountable to the people and access to information of government is respected, the Anambra state government has expounded his administration resolve to work with the media to deliver open door policy of governance devoid of selfless leadership prowess to the people.
He assured that his government has remained one of the administrations that has also taken into consideration of including media practitioners in the programme of government to provide open access to information about Anambra state added that his administration is willing to strengthened the already established relationship with the media if adequate reporting and respect for institution of government are observed.
Speaking to members of the Anambra State Online Publishers in Awka, the Anambra state commissioner for health Doctor Jeosapath Akabuike, assured the readiness of the state government to strengthen the already existing relationship with journalists and however express hope that it would be extended to the men of the Online Publishers, being the nascent and fastest way of information disseminations network.
Though expressed disappointment in some media practitioners who rush without crosschecking their facts before reports are published but charged journalists to ensure they eschew derogatory reportage in the interest of the country.
‘’One thing that is very shocking to us is that our people I mean some media practitioners are always very fast in projecting derogatory images and views, that is why a times when you see some people, they may decide not to talk at all so that they may not be miss represented or misquoted in any form.
So the media instead of being an agent to shape the government becomes the one that is destructive if you people remember, that was what made the late Professor Dora Akunyili to try to reposition Nigeria before the entire world that we are not as bad as we are painted’.
He continued, ”This your association from what I understood I know is something that came into that, that is why I say I commend you so much for thinking along that line, it is because of the fear of miss representation and miss quotation that makes people to shy aware from media’’. Akabuike said.
Doctor Akabuike however charged the social media publishers  to always engendered professionalism in the discharge of their duties and ensure public office holders are not disengaged from their constitutional duties base on wrong or  mis-representation of information of government and buoyed on the fact to disengage from the relationship  entered into with the Anambra state online publishers if discovered it does not reflect the term at which he entered into the relationship which is subject to secession when the need arises.
‘’My charge is that if you want to write anything about anybody or institution of government, first read it again and asks yourself if you are promoting of damaging that person.
In as much that I quite appreciate and I know the power of social media, I don’t support or suggest the situation where people use it to throw up all forms of gossips and all forms of careless statements or use it to promote irrelevant information because I know that is what some people would want to hear but I urge you to always communicate an information of peace and ensure you don’t do anything that will project war and Anarchy and ensure you occasionally do some investigative journalism.
‘I am ready to partner with you , I am sure there in no union and no MoU we have signed, if we are getting what we bargain for I will work with you but you must operate at a very narrow and safe margin and decency, if I discover that you go contrary to the terms which I see is below standard and see you would want to promote derogatory  and careless journalism, I am ready to break away ‘’ He charged.
Earlier in the courtesy visit, the Anambra state Online Publishers headed by the state coordinator, Mr. Bamidele Ajayi had requested the support of the ministry to ensure their operation is supported and disclosed effort by the union to streamline operation of persons using the online media to damage individuals and institution of government noted that the union would serve as police to regulate online publishers within in state to ensure ethics of journalism profession is observed.
He assured the commissioner on the union’s resolve to ensure non practitioners or willing members are compelled to instill discipline and see that project Anambra state is portrayed in positive light to the international community, owing to the fact that social media information dissemination is an un regulated media but could be used to sharpen the society and project art and culture of the people that would in turn encourage  foreign direct investment to the state and Nigeria at large.

By Ifeizu Joe

Ifeizu is a seasoned journalist and Managing Editor of TheRazor. He has wide knowledge of Anambra State and has reported the state objectively for over a decade.

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