SIR, greetings on another Tuesday ,a day we all know that brings a weekly report card to you free from all charges and from the heart with a passion for your political survival.
Today Sir, I want to complain and it is about patronage of local manufacturers ,I wrote a piece on DECEMBER 1, and here is an excerpt
“Onye isi, not attending that unveiling function of INNOSON sent a blur message and it is not encouraging to say the least ,but that is by the way ,your Deputy who held brief for you promised that the state will continue supporting INNOSON and patronizing him ,but Sir ,Currently we know that instead to patronize INNOSON ,you bought over 50 CARS from TATA MOTORS INDIA ,and we know that INDIA products are sub standard to compare with our own INNOSON ,who is available to service the Cars he made, contrast that with TATA bought from INDIA ,shipped to Nigeria ,cleared in LAGOS and enrich LAGOS STATE ,hired YOROBA drivers to bring it back to AMAOBIA .If you add all this Logistics to the actual cost of the TATA Car ,you will see that it is economic waste.
Under your predecessor INNOSON enjoyed a great patronage ,all the Schools in the state are testimony of how good those Buses are ,they are durable and humming like HUMMER BUSES.The Hilux truck was good enough for the federal government to bought them and send them to our Soldiers who used them in Somalia or so .Enugu state is using the Luxurious buses for Commercial services in the state ,but our own state is buying TATA from India ?”end of quote

Sir yesterday the 6th of February you commissioned 40 TATA BUSES once again for within the state transportation ,a very good idea but faulty in so many ways ,I will tell us what is wrong with it Sir.
The Buses you bought from TATA India will enrich the economy of Indians ,put food on their individual and government table and INDIANS has no investment nor idea where Anambra state is located in any giving Map ,but contrast it with INNOSSON motors who we all know manufacture same BUSES and his quality is Far higher than that of TATA ,not only INNOSSON is more Durable ,it will cut cost ,such as –SHIPMENT from INDIA ,we all know that the VESSEL THAT BROUGHT BACK THOSE BUSES will charge each one the price of 40 Footer container ,then we multiply it by 40 pcs ,pay Government duties for them ,pay the clearing Agent that will clear them and pay the drivers that will drive them from Lagos to OKA .Sir ,had we bought those Buses from Innosson ,I can guarantee that we would,ve cut off all those silly cost and the best advantage of buying it from Innosson is that ,we get maintenance free ,but if this TATA ever start problems ,either we give out another contract to who will go to INDIA and buy the parts or we will start seening the Buses litter along the roads and causing havoc to traffic.

That brings me back to the previous TAXIS that we bought which I complained about , Let me quote that one also “Born Again Tuesday Report Card: A 2015 Rebirth “

Sir,I am sure you did not know that the Taxi you launched for easy transportation in our state is going through the pipe line and which we know that it may not serve the purpose it was bought and launched for as long as it is in the pipeline.
Take for instance ,all the Taxis were ceded to serving commissioners who took them off the Government and sub-lease to others ,I heard that some got up to 5 and few 4 , the question is, what are they doing with 4 Taxis , what will a serving commissioner do with Taxi ? . Many packed theirs in there houses or country houses ,waiting to change the colors back to private ,which is not the reason the TAXIS where bought in the first place,obudu onye kwue eziokwu anara ya IPAD ya ?.
The Taxis are suppose to be giving directly to Drivers who will be direct beneficiaries, they will be paying the state the mortgage as agreed ,that way the dividend will be spread to the lower class ,but giving the Taxis to already made Commissioners does not make any sense in the long run.”..end quote
Sir,the Taxis as we speak cannot be sighted any where in our state ,it is not serving the purpose of the purchase but, the worst is that many of those BIG MEN that bought them or should I say Take them ? I will use take them for the simply fact that ,it seems the state GAVE 2 of the Taxis to the Boss of MELOCH HOTELS ,same hotel that we accommodated the 40 THAILAND visitors that came to our state which we paid for their flight ticket,accommodate them,feed them and may be give them envelope too and at the end of the day they singed another MOU ,which we all know can never be executed because the people akwunwuro ego Plane fa agaghi ekwo agu afu onu. Moving on -The question buru zie ,ejiri the Taxis welu me nmezi ?,I wonder why we should give such to a Rich man and he added it to his fleet of Private Cars ,while the reason it was bought in the first place was to ease transportation difficulties in the state.
Sir ,go to ABS OKA and you will see many of those Taxis that you flagged off packed ,left untouched and abandoned at the premises and what are they doing there ? how are they going to be useful packing and wasting away ?.Sir ,those TAXIS are not TAXING ANYTHING,it might end up been a wasted effort unless it is handled right by giving them to those that will make use of it and it is only in Anambra state you cannot sight a Taxi running inter city or within City ,if you ever see anything painted with Taxi in Anambra it is ANIDS brand and the only language they understand is DROP ,then ask them to drop you in your village and they will ask you to pay the price that will be enough to buy a plot of Land na OGBUNIKE,but I Digress.
That reminds me Sir,we have ANIDS TRANSPORT ,TRACAS,ANAMBRA EXPRESS and now ANAMBRA MASS TRANSIT all with a different board managing it ,but that is not the problem ,the main problem is that ,THERE IS NO SINGLE PARK IN OKA the state capital for this BUSES to make a stand or the Taxis to stand, so if one wants to hire them or make use of the services ,where can one go to get the services ?.
I heard that OCHA BRIGADE will be responsible for the management of the NEW TATA BUSES and I wonder ,is OCHA BRIGADE no longer working as sanitary outfit ? How can they handle something they were,nt equipped to handle ? that is gross usurpation of function that will fail as usual.
Sir ,lets look at states in ALAIGBO and see how they handle this Transportation business ,ENUGWU has ENUTRACO and they have a Giant park .
ABIA has her own and a big Park ,same with DELTA,IMO STATE and one uniform thing is that they have only one state owned transport company but how many do we have and what purpose are they serving ?
Sir ,as we work toward election and success of APGA candidates sorry I mean SIR VICTOR UMEH,S CANDIDATES because it is only those he anointed that are running and if God Forbid he wins ,he will become a SENATOR and also control all other elected candidates and that will be when you will understand what is called god FATHER ,he will make sure you sweat blood serving him and answering him YES SIR ,I am not saying it might happen ,I am just telling you what must happen but moving on,,,
Sir ,I know we are spending or we mapped out 5 billion Naira to be used for this election ,which is good and fine but sir ,I will not forget to mention to you that there are CIVIL SERVANTS that are still being owed months of Salaries and just imagine how they will feel that the state is burning so much money on politics and yet they are not paid , moving on to —THE PRESS CORP of your own CONVOY are still been owed for 3 months and counting ,Sir ,this men and women are the ones that will be with you where ever you go ,they must be at the Lodge before you wake up and left at later dawn of the day ,they followed you to occasion and saw how good you are to people and how much were spent on donations ,they witness how much we are spending on this election and yet we still owe them STIPENDS that cannot buy 1 CTN OF INDOMIE ? ,Sir, that is unfair if you ask me and like I pleaded last time ,take out time and attend to this folks .I will advise that this is same mistake our Rich men are making ,they treat DRIVERS,SECURITY that Guard them ,Gate men with dis respect ,they don,t pay them well ,they don,t even know their names or they have never called them to ask them how are your family.

This same people has our life in their own hands ,especially the security personnels ,the Gate men and Drivers they are the ones that can save our lives and also the ones that can be bought if neglected . We should pay this people very well ,take care of their problems and treat them as humans ,so that they can be proud of whosoever they are working for . Imagine the face of your security if you call him by his name and ask him after his wife by her name and his children by their name ,I bet you that he will mow down any idiot that stood on your way ,but if you continue calling them BIA DRIVER ,GATE MAN,MOPOL,SECURITY you are making them enemies within ,let them feel LOVE from you and they will
love you back .

Sir,from the onset of your tenure ,I begged you to get rid of the TOMB RAIDER that he meant you no good.I told you that what he wanted is to take away any political cloth you may have and left you naked and it is happening now as we speak.
Imagine under one year you,ve gathered enough powerful enemies that will bring waterloo ,imagine first it was declaration of Cold war against the man that made you ,not only that he brought you out from obscurity to place of honor ,from place of retirement to utopian height .You should remember that even far back in Fidelity that he took you out from 6th in Command and place you at the Top of the Food Chain ,that alone would,ve made you to be ever grateful ,but I digress once again . He used his personal fund to make you the Governor single handedly , which instead to refund him you start un-necessary war that will do you no good ,my old man will say “onye isi racha cha udara ozotara na ukwu,nya jee ka ozota ozo”[when ungrateful blind man finish leaking the local apple called Udara which he got by placement of his leg,he should go again to fetch another one ],what Tomb raider wanted desperately is to make sure you are a one term Governor and the agony of it is that you are singing AMEN with him .

Sir ,I will tell you frankly that Eze gburu Dibia na agworo ya ogwu ,na ndi iro ya agwubero [The King that killed his witch doctor should know that his enemies are not into extinct ].Moving on ,you subtly waged a War against Abia state governor ,a man that has put in his days in his tenure ? and you that is just coming wants to start a War with him ? ,I will say ,that kind of war is not necessary at all because that may take out time to hunt your tenure even years after you may have forgotten .

Then back to Okwute ,you went to his own hood to taunt him ? ,Sir ,now that his people has replied you by using stone ,pure water and pellets to drive you out of town ,what other message will be more pronounced ?
All this is because you adhered to what Umeh wanted or to help and project Umeh,s ambition and truly I tell you the greatest mistake will be if Umeh became a Senator ,6 months after you will dig up all my warnings and cry ,,CHEI this man advised me oooooooooo and I kept deaf ears . My old man will say na anu obuna tagburu Agu na ata ajo aru [any animal that bite a Lion to death must be canine king] .Umeh has a catalogue of those he used and dumped and adding you means nothing to him ,if he can do that to IFEANYI UBAH ,I am sure he won,t think twice doing it to you with a smile

Signing off –
Sir ,I noticed that during this campaign your people and candidates on campaign speeches always use words like “APGA GOVERNMENT HAS DONE GREAT THINGS FOR YOU AND FOR THE STATE ,THEY BUILD YOU ROADS ,GAVE YOU LIGHTS AND ALL THOSE STUFF, Sir,the state are not stupid ,they know that CREDIT MUST BE GIVING to PETER OBI who did that ,even if you are in enmity with him but there are things you can,t take away from him and if you do ,the same thing will take away your political capital.

Those towns know that it was Peter Obi that did those things ,the best part of it is to give him credit and move on ,that way it will make you sound more understanding and people will not sneer behind you .I am telling you all this because I like you and want you to succeed while those pack of Ikwurigbas that always sing WILLIE IS WORKING are simply after what they can get and they will only sing to you the song that will make you put food on their table but my own song is the one that will make the state better under you maka na obalu isi ,obalu aguba.

With the above submission ,I beg to go off and simply stay ON as usual

Mazi Odera
Truth is our standard,accept it in good faith or
we shove it down your throat.The Choice is yours.
I am off but on

By Ifeizu Joe

Ifeizu is a seasoned journalist and Managing Editor of TheRazor. He has wide knowledge of Anambra State and has reported the state objectively for over a decade.

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