Soludo typifies the aphorism: Politicians plan for next election, statesmen plan for next generation


By Polycarp Onwubiko

Governor CC Soludo celebrated his second year in office on March 17, 2024 at the International Conference Centre, Awka Anambra state.
It is exhilarating to note the high points of the strenuous journey so far which are:
1. His mindset of planning for the future say 50-100 years state of Anambra state. To actualize the gigantic policies and programmes, he has plans to expand the roads as dual carriage ways namely: Nnewi, Nnobi to Agulu, Awka etiti to Igboukwu, down to Ekwulobia; from Ekwulobia down to Agulu to Amawbia, and from Ekwulobia down to Uga, and probably down to Umunze. The originally designated rural towns like Ekwulobia, Nnewi, Agulu and probably Otuocha, are to be made urban towns by Governor Jim Nwobodo.
2. By his free education and health care delivery, Soludo is preparing educated people with sound health given that good health is integral part of productivity and prosperity.
3. Anambra state is getting strong and stronger everyday by his futuristic prognosis in multi sector policies and programmes.
4. The planned civilized standard of living in the state lies on technology and innovation to make it an international liveable and prosperous society as model for other states in the country.
5. His earlier election campaign Manifesto as PDP Governorship candidate had the
mantra: “Anambra Vision 2017 with five pillars which are still the template for his governance today.
6. Nigeria economic situation today is frustrating for seriously minded political leaders but Soludo’s mantra is: “tough times demand tough leaders” which includes the capacity to execute incredible projects and programmes with lean or resource constraints. He is not crazy about foreign loan but depends on austere government with top priority on the downtrodden and communities that had apparently been forgotten by the past state leadership.
7. Accountability and transparency is his watchwords even planning big for more goodies for the people.
8. If there will be need to borrow, it will be for productive ventures based on feasibility studies which will have the potential to pay back the loan from the products produced from the factory and other businesses.
9. The Truth Justice Peace Commission TJPC Report submitted on march 6, was a veritable roadmap for effective tackling of the insecurity in some parts of the state even as it can be used as a credible template for the entire country. It was a marvelous assignment by the team of sound intellectuals.
10. Soludo’s governance template is based on”Needs Assessment” and not politically motivated for another election to be assured of second tenure. Roads construction like the sprawling slums and ghetto in Okpoko , within Onitsha south was a deliberate priority to turn around the despicable situation and primitive living standard in the place with amazing population. Roads rehabilitation is also in the rural areas noted for massive food commodities farming to enable the farmers become rich through transportation of the farm products to the urban and semi urban towns.
11. Urban Regeneration and zero portholes program are geared towards opening the clogged streets and roads which will attract more business outfits and lead to quantum leap in the Internally generated revenues to augment the monthly Statutory Revenue sharing.
12. The completion of the new Government House cum Lodge planned since 33 years ago, is geared towards proper ambience for Government activities and prestigious in terms of visitors from other parts of the country and beyond.
13. The electricity quagmire syndrome all over the country will be frontally addressed taking the Abia state example done by the indigenous company which has assured power supply for twenty four hours. Soludo knows that power supply is a fulcrum around which industrialization revolves. Soludo emphasized that Anambra state being the hub of industrialists, manufacturers, logistics and commerce the issue of twenty four hours power supply is considered done within a foreseeable future.
14. Railway infrastructure and Water transportation which will affect homes in both the rural areas and urban towns will definitely be a price for futuristic prognosis to safeguard the civilized living standard of next generation in the state.
15. Replicating the former premier of old Eastern Region, Dr. Michael Okpala’s Agricultural revolution, Soludo is making what he described as “silent revolution in Agriculture” through the procurement of high yielding palm trees and coconut trees seedlings distributed to the communities as more seedlings and other high yielding food crops seedlings are in the pipelines to earn reasonable income for the farmers through value chains, food self-sufficiency and export for foreign exchange and even for agro allied manufactures for massive employments and wealth creation. Anambra state will be a destination point and will no longer be a departure point. Soludo pointedly boasted “the dynasty of poverty must stop”.
16. There is plans for equality of opportunity for the children of the poor by turning the poorly resourced public schools into the hub of smart teachers with cutting edge technology, quality teaching, technical innovation digital economy.
17. The One-Youth-2-Skill program was a masterpiece if not a game changer to frontally address youth restiveness and unemployment. It was modelled after the time- hourned Igbo apprenticeship scheme where the state government paid for the training to impart the skill and after mastery, the successful ones were given start-up money and even bought tools for the trainees to start business which in the long run will be in the position to employ.
18. In view of the unspeakable privation of public servants and pensioners, Soludo expressed compassion and promised to add some money called “wag augmentation” to both categories before the new minimum wage comes into effect in May. The long standing issue of Pension Harmonization is expected to be finally implemented since the affected pensioners from May 2011 have been shortchanged in the monthly pension. Section 173 of the 1999 Constitution stipulates that Pension should be reviewed every five years or at new minimum wage implementation. Sadly, since Governor Chris Ngige’s government, Pension Harmonization has not been done which subject the affected pensioners to privation and inability to live out their God ordained years on earth.
19. The ebullient Governor Soludo appealed for strategic partnership and all hands on deck especially on how strategize on deepening security architecture to secure the entire landscape of the state to be made attractive for Foreign Direct Investment, FDI.
20. Governor Soludo’s strategy roadmap to make Anambra state to become the first international mega city is assured because of the massive turnout of people at the Anambra state International Conference Centre. The impressive architectural excellence initiated and completed by Chief Willie Obiano was filled to the brim even as massive people were outside. This is a testament of the popularity of Soludo and the assurance of his second tenure.
21. He really typified the age long saying that “Statesmen plan for the next generation while mean minded politicians plan for the next election with mind bogling financial malfeasance. By Polycarp Onwubiko, media commentator

By Ifeizu Joe

Ifeizu is a seasoned journalist and Managing Editor of TheRazor. He has wide knowledge of Anambra State and has reported the state objectively for over a decade.

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