Stakeholder in Anambra react to alleged Boko Haram prisoners swap

– Commend traders for swift response
– Call on President Buhari to halt move
The rumoured order by president Muhammadu Buhari for the swap of prisoner of Boko Haram to prisons in Anambra state which triggered off the closure of markets and protest by traders has been condemned by stakeholders.
Some prominent citizens of the Anambra State who spoke to our correspondent said if the rumour was true, then the move was condemnable as every society has its own ills and as such alien problems should not be imposed on them.
The immediate past national chairman of All Progressives Grand Alliance told reporters that the move was ill thought out if it was true.
He said what Anambra and Nigerians are asking for is positive change and not what could be seen as exportation of Boko Haram to other regions where they never existed.
Umeh said the government of Chief Willie Obiano has invested a lot to achieve a secured and safe state, and any attempt to bring Boko Haram prisoners to anba,mbra will be stouytly resisted.
He said, “These people are criminals who already know how to find their way, they can cause a jail break, and once this happens, you and I are no longer safe. I think they should keep their prisoners in the north east.”
Umeh commended the traders who quickly mobilized and protested the order, saying that the order was capable of polluting the peace that has been worked for in Anambra and the south east.
Also speaking, Chief Godwin Ezeemo, a businessman and leader of Progressive Peoples Alliance, PPA in Anambra frowned at the president’s directives  and said that such action was capable of causing  chaos .
Ezeemo said that such directives was not in tandem with social reformation and co peaceful existence as such mix up would pollute their mind set of those in prison who have committee  civil offence and are awaiting trial either for sentences or release.
He said that the government should have made improvised prison where only people with such  minds would be kept and placed under reformation to get them back to normal living.
According to him, mixing the extremists with the ordinary prisoners  portends more danger than they were trying to prevent,” In American such case was handled by placing the identified terrorist in a special cell and decision was taken on them.
Ezeemo called on the Federal government to have a rethink on the decision and see that such decision would breed bad blood in the minds of the Igbo’s and should avoid such actions that could lead to unrest in the country .

By Ifeizu Joe

Ifeizu is a seasoned journalist and Managing Editor of TheRazor. He has wide knowledge of Anambra State and has reported the state objectively for over a decade.

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