War of Words in Nanka, Over Coronation of New Igwe, as Opposition Rejects Monarch

Two groups in Nanka Community of Orumba North local government of Anambra State are currently engaging each other in a war of words over the coronation of the new Igwe of the community, Igwe Godwin Ezeilo.

While one of the group, Nanka Progressives Union, NPU, led by Chief Leonard Onyekwelu which elected and crowned Ezeilo as the king of the community has insisted that he will remain the king, another group, Nanka Peoples Assembly, NPA, which is led by Chief Emmanuel Ezeume told Tjournalists that his group will never accept the choice of the king for the community.
Speaking with journalists on Wednesday in a telephone interview, Onyekwelu who is the president general of NPU said Nanka has selected a King, who has already been crowned, and staff of office handed to him, and is duly recognized by the people of the community.
Onyekwelu said, “The new Igwe has the backing of 99per cent of the community, those people you hear making noise are selfish people who are just few in number, but want kingship to remain permanently in their village.
“All the seven villages of Nanka and 23 wards of the community are fully in support of the new king. Even the women’s wing of the NPU is in support of the new Igwe. We are urging them to embrace peace and shun selfishness.”
Onyekwelu also said that NPA was formed just recently to destabilize the town, whereas, NPU has been in existence for over 20 years and has remained the official body of the Nanka people. He assured however that if members of the NPA turned a new leaf, they will be ready to accommodate them without malice.
These words however do not go down well with members of the NPA, who insisted that Igwe Ezeilo was not the choice of Nanka people, and as such cannot represent them.
The president general of NPA, Chief Ezeume who also spoke to JOURNALSTS said, “Nanka does not have an Igwe for now. Whatever they are doing, they are doing for themselves, not for Nanka people.
“You should have asked him why they went to the bush to hold the last ofala festival of the late Igwe Gilbert Ofomata? What happened to his palace that they cannot hold the last ofala there? Did he also remember to tell you that as a result of their refusal to hold it in the palace, that traditional rulers from Orumba refused to attend the function?
“There were warned that any attempt to hold the last ofala anywhere outside the palace, that no traditional ruler will come, and that anyone that attended would die. That was why none of them attended.”
He advised those who he said were championing the ‘illegal’ election of an Igwe in the town to use their money to bring development to Nanka, instead of using it to cause chaos.
But reacting to the last ofala of the previous Igwe, Onyekwelu said those insisting that the last ofala of kings of the community must be held in the palace are not in tune with history. He challenged those peddling such rumour to say where the last ofala of the two previous Igwe before Igwe Ofomata were held.
He insisted that they was no going back, as Nanka people have chosen their Igwe, and were also happy with him.
“We have made advances to these people severally, but the thing is that they want kingship to remain with them. I am Nwadiana to the past Igwe, and if anyone should be a party to humiliate them, I will not be a party to it. But, the right thing must be done.”

By Ifeizu Joe

Ifeizu is a seasoned journalist and Managing Editor of TheRazor. He has wide knowledge of Anambra State and has reported the state objectively for over a decade.

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