Why I built the best hotel in Awka, says Meloch Hotel Proprietor

Anambra born Ghana-based business mogul, Mr Elochukwu Gwacham has said that the Best Western group built the Meloch hotel which has been rated the best in Awka to help the development of the state.

He called on the Anambra government to encourage investors in the state with incentives like tax reduction to encourage ” Think Home Philosophy”

Gwacham made the call in an interview with the newsmen in Awka on Wednesday.
He said that the incentives, particularly on tax waiver would encourage successful indigenous business men and women abroad to come home and invest to enhance development of the state.
Gwacham, owner of a four-star hotel in Awka said that such incentives would commit any true citizen of the state to come home and invest, but the intending investors would be discouraged with high taxation and hard policies.
“I lived greater part of my youthful age outside the country and discover that no place like home, Western world survive with taxes paid by the people but they in turn give back to the people basic amenities to make life meaningful.
“I support government collection of taxes from industrialist and others but if waiver can be given so as to encourage people who put down their life hard earned money to set up business to recoup because at initial take-off no gains are recorded,” he said
He said that investment in a hotel of International class meant huge sum of money had went under construction, and government should partner with such people by providing good incentives with considerable tax rate.
Gawacham said he built the four-star hotel, Meloch Hotel, Awka, a subsidiary of Best Western, pointing out that the hotel is one of the five such in Nigeria in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Benin City, Abuja and Awka.
“It is  one of my contributions in developing the state ,I came to invest this huge amount of money here because someone got to start the development so I wish to join the race and make our state the Dubia of our time, “ he said
He said that he had received lots of discouraging words like “why did you come to build this fine hotel here Awka not Abuja Lagos, Port Harcourt , it  could have been better as in three years or less you will recover”

“I smiled back at them because money is not everything, we have to reduce the cost of a room in Meloch Hotel because there is no money in Anambra it is my own sacrifice for good things to begin to happen here” he said.
Gawacham said that the services in the hotel rendered were of International standard in Internet facilities all in the over 50 rooms, over 60 graduates employed and with Insurance cover to both guests and workers
He appealed to the government to improve electricity supply as it will enhance the hotel business and operators and encourage other wealthy people from the state to come home and invest.
“Their coming home to invest will bridge the gap of  unempolyment level  in the state as well create wealthy for the state as taxes are paid  tourist come in freely and feel relaxed and  patronsie the hotels and other tourist centres in the state” he said
Gawacham hails from Osile Ogbunike community in Oyi Local Government Area and his is happily married.
Meloch Hotel is known to have its swiming pool hung in the middle of the hotel, high up. It is reputed to be the most expensive in Anambra with the least room being N15,000 per night.

By Ifeizu Joe

Ifeizu is a seasoned journalist and Managing Editor of TheRazor. He has wide knowledge of Anambra State and has reported the state objectively for over a decade.

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