The saying about séx and women goes something like this: A woman knows within 5 minutes of meeting a man whether or not she would ever have séx with him. Now the approximation of time might not be an exact five minutes but generally speaking, women do have an inclinatión after a short time as to whether or not the man in front of them is someone they would ever give a taste of the honey pot. This does not include if he later does something that turns her off for eternity.  With that being said, fellas take out your note pads and listen carefully. Here are a few clues to assist you in distinguishing that the woman you are dating does not desire you.
1. She never touchés you or initiatés afféction
If you have been dating this woman for several months let’s say, and she never once has initiatéd any afféction of any kind then brother leave the condóms at home. You are not one of the privileged. When a woman is attracted to you on any level then after some time she will not be able to contain it. It will slip out in spurts of her gently rubbing your face, putting her hand on your knee, or even boldly grabbing your hand and placing it on her body in some way. She will initiaté some form of physical contact in some regard if she has even ever thought of letting you get close to the honey pot.
2. No Tóngue Action
Everyone is not generally into French kissing or kissing at all for that matter; but for those that are, if she is interested in you séxually then her kisses will reflect that. They will be passiónate and indulging. She will not give you pecks regularly as if she is kissing her little brother.
3. She has never tried to give you the feel up test
I’m giving coveted info here guys so pay attention. Some ladies give the “feel test” in your lower regions to determine if you are worthy enough for the honey pot. By worthy I mean that you meet her qualifications girth and length wise. This test is to prevent the possibility that you will be unwilling to satisfy her séxually. Women figure that if you at least have a decent size package then the rest should fall into place séxually. So in essence this test is for future reference. As she may not necessarily sléep with you on the very same night that she performs the test.  Now she can check that off of her list of qualifications.
4. She does not let you fóndle her náughty place either
If a woman has any desire of sleéping with you then at some point, she will allow you to test out her regions as well. Again, this may not lead to séxual relations that same day but she at least wants to give you an idea what she is working with as well.  This is a mental tease for her to you and is her attempt at heightening your expectations for your future séxual éxploits together.  Tease you a little and get your revved up. Get it? Wink.
5. No séxual innuéndos allowed.. AKA Don’t Talk To Me Like That
Usually when two adults have been dating for a while and are approaching the possibility of séx, verbal and or physical séxual innuendos will be thrown between the two.  The guy might make a séxual joke or reference and if she is digging you then she might laugh it off or even throw one back at you in response. If she could not fathom performing any séxual acts with you then her response might be something like a big red stop sign. Even worse is the look of disgust that might appear on her face.
6.  She Never Gives You “The Look”
The look is one of the key clues to determine that she is thinking of you in a séxual way but often one that most men are oblivious to. A woman will stare at you like you are a piece of meat and she is a Lioness in the wild if she desires you. She doesn’t even have to say anything. Her eyes will do the speaking for her. In her mind she is thinking of every little perverted thought that her loins can create. What she would do to you, how she would do it, what she would have you do to her, where you guys should do it at, and imagining how awesome you might feel inside her. The catch is that she probably will not voice those thoughts to you. But her éxpression and her eyes read  Bel Biv Devoe’s… “ Do Me Baby”. If she never gives you the look then you are very far from approaching the bedroóm with her by your side.
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By Ifeizu Joe

Ifeizu is a seasoned journalist and Managing Editor of TheRazor. He has wide knowledge of Anambra State and has reported the state objectively for over a decade.

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