***Challenges anybody with any evidence of his (OUK) financial wrong doing while in office to come forward ***Three questions I asked T. Orji the first day we met after his swearing-in, which made him jump ship. ***Seven questions he must answer today. I still challenge the governor to tell the world what I did to him that made him, one, jump ship; two, declare war against me; three, embark on ceaseless campaigns in the media against me; four, run a government that cares not for the peo­ple; five, hate our people too much; six, encourage corruption in his government; seven, tell lies with ease; and eight, think that his sins will not find him out at the end of his tenure. He must give reason­able answers to these posers if he still owes any allegiance to the people. Let me refresh the governor’s memory about our first ever meeting in 2009 – 18 months into his first tenure as governor. I had told him on phone that I requested the meeting to discuss a matter of urgent importance. I also requested his approval to allow Ambassador Sam Nkire to witness the meeting, to which he concurred. On the day of the meeting, I asked the governor three basic ques­tions: First, have I ever asked you for money since you assumed office as governor? His answer: No. Second, have I ever asked you to give any con­tract to me or anybody related to me? His answer: No. Third, have I ever asked you to do a favour to anybody, directly or indirectly? His answer: No. Satisfied that he understood my questions very well, I now went for the clincher. I told the gover­nor pointblank that the people were complaining about his poor performance in office and, there­fore, should buckle up. I also told me that I hear he borrowed a huge amount from some banks in the state without anything on ground to justify it. I saw the disbelief in his face, but I was determined to tell him the truth. I also told him that the way he was going he would not get a second term. This probably was the biggest shock of his life. In his response, he denied taking any loan from any banks (even when the evidence was glaring). I was shocked. From that day onwards, his attitude changed. He started courting strange friends and associ­ates, distancing himself from me and leaders of our party. He did other odious things I would not want to discuss here for strategic reasons. As if to tell the whole world that he was now his own man, he started romancing other political parties. For the eight years he was my Chief of Staff, he handled my security vote – duly appropriated, which was all the money I spent as governor. I never dipped my hand into the state’s coffers or did any deal with anybody, including contractors. All those who worked under me did so with free hands. I challenge anybody who can produce any evidence that I did any deal with him, while in of­fice as governor, to come forward with it. I am a very straightforward and respectful per­son. I do not engage in anything that would call my reputation to question. Throughout my ten­ure as governor, I ensured probity, transparency and accountability. Our administration almost succeeded in routing corruption. Even the civil servants, who know every thieving governor and government officials, can attest to that. Unknown to the governor, I have very strong evidence against him about all that transpired between us throughout the period we worked together, including the meeting in question. Am­bassador Sam Nkire, who witnessed the meeting, is still alive. I will reveal the evidence at the ap­propriate time. When that happens, his lies will fail him. Let me also state here that all the discussions I had with him concerning money, while in office as governor, are with me in evidence. If he can tell the truth he will agree that he did many things wrong as my Chief of Staff, including tardiness in the handling of my security vote, but I still ac­commodated him. Let me leave that for now, until such a time it will become necessary to ask further questions.

By Ifeizu Joe

Ifeizu is a seasoned journalist and Managing Editor of TheRazor. He has wide knowledge of Anambra State and has reported the state objectively for over a decade.

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