Igbo group accuses Andy Uba of stopping Anambra Airport commissioning


By Nwafor Okafor

The National President of Igbo Youth For Positive Change, Chinedu Obigwe has said cabals in the All Progressives Congress will do heavy damage to President Muhammadu Buhari if the Anambra State Airport is not commissioned as scheduled for commercial flights.

He accused the APC candidate in the November poll of instigating some federal authorities not to commission the project before the election so as not to give APGA an advantage in the election.
The APGA government of Chief Willie Obiano constructed the project within 15 months as one of his legacy projects.

Obigwe said “APC-led Federal government should know that it is dangerous to play politics with everything.

“If it’s true that they want to cancel the commissioning of Anambra international cargo/passengers Airport because of politics, it means that they are sending a dangerous signal to Igbos and at the same time painting President Muhammadu Buhari administration black.

“The cabal in the Presidency working with the Andy Uba should consider the implications of what they are doing because the backlash of such action will be too much for them to bear.

“As at now, the story about NCAA cancellation of the event fixed on 30th October 2021 is still a rumour but if it becomes a reality with the event not holding as scheduled on that Saturday, they have done a big damage for President Buhari administration.

“I exonerate the President from the ill conceived action of the cabal because they are executing the evil plot when the President is not around.

“To achieve the evil plot of cancelling the commissioning event NCAA claimed that the National Security Adviser instructed them not to go ahead with the commissioning event because of insecurity report.

“Governor Obiano is the Chief Security Officer of Anambra State and he is the one in the right position not just in the right position but the one constitutionally empowered to give Security report of Anambra State and not the NSA.

“The NSA cannot usurp his power as the Executive Governor of Anambra State and the Chief Security officer of the State.

“So the claim that the NSA cited insecurity report as his reason for advising NCAA to cancel the commissioning of Anambra international cargo/passengers Airport event is a rooster and bull story.

“They should not play politics with something that has huge economic benefits for ndi Anambra.

” This is why the good people of Anambra hates Andy Uba with passion.

“He is always behind any bad thing that happens to ndi Anambra since 1999 to date.

“He is the person that connived with some cabal in Buhari Presidency to stop the commissioning of the Airport because of his believe that commissioning the project will give APGA political edge over him in the November 6th governorship election.

” Let this evil cabal know that they are sending a very bad signal to igbos against President Buhari administration because at the end, Buhari administration will be blamed for their actions.
“I will advise them to remove the hand of a monkey from the soup pot before it turns into the hand of a human being.

“The test running of the Airport is among the requirements given to the State government by NCAA.

“The official commissioning of the Airport is for commencement of flight operations at the Airport and Airpeace flight that will be used for the commissioning is already fully booked by passengers that are going to Lagos but the evil minded cabal in Buhari Presidency want to stop the event for politically motivated reasons.

“This insult and show of hatred to igbos is unacceptable.

“NCAA officials must do the needful of going ahead with the commissioning of Anambra international cargo/passengers Airport event especially when it is a well known fact to ndi Anambra and Nigerians at large that the State government met all their requirements.

“Doing otherwise is tantamount to painting the administration of President Buhari black in igbo land and creating the impression that he is against the progress of igbo land.

By Ifeizu Joe

Ifeizu is a seasoned journalist and Managing Editor of TheRazor. He has wide knowledge of Anambra State and has reported the state objectively for over a decade.

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