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Obiano blames Onitsha killings on paid miscreants

Anambra State government yesterday blamed the killings which arose from the anniversary day celebration of the declaration of Biafra Republic 50 years ago on the activities of some paid miscreants who were imported into the state to destabilize the peace which the Willie Obiano Administration brought.
In a press briefing by the commissioner of information, Ogbuefi Tony Nnacheta, the government said the celebration was meant to be a peaceful one, and was so until a team of miscreants who were imported into the state shot live bullets at security agents.
The commissioner stated that the government was aware of the protest and had also alerted the security agents who mobilized their men to monitor the protest, but were rather shot at, resulting in the fracas that was witnessed in Onitsha.
Part of the text by the state government reads, “This conference became necessary out of concern to inform our people and to put the records straight to avoid misinformation by fifth columnists. This will serve as a guide to our people.
“The protest was hijacked by miscreants who fired live cartridges at security agents and their wish was to make it look like Anambra has lost the peace we have all enjoyed this two years.
“The casualty figures flying in the air are all irresponsible. It will be difficult to announce casualty figure when the crisis has not abated, but we have visited some victims, and very soon we shall release the correct figure, but for now, we do not have a number we can put our fingers to as casualties.
“We have sent a team to Nkpor led by the director of information, and we found out that reports were simply exaggerated. There was simply a breakdown of understanding, and that is what we are working to sort out.” It stated.
The commissioner spoke further that the Police commissioner revealed that out of the 26 persons arrested so far, not even one was from Anambra, giving credence to the fact that some miscreants were imported from neighbouring states to hijack the protest and create an atmosphere of  insecurity.
“We learnt that most of the miscreants were ferried into the state the night before the protest, and from the identity revealed by the police, most of the protesters came from Abia, Owerri and some other states. For the record, Anambra State government never issued any directive to the security agents to shoot at sight.”
The state government assured Anambra residents, and its indigenes resident in the Diaspora that the state remains very safe, and that issues of kidnapping, armed robbery and issues of truancy have all been done away with, while reiterating the ability of the state governor to tame the crisis.
It also added that the killing of its youths, man, woman or child was regrettable, but strongly frowned at anyone outside security agents handling fire arms as it was against the laws of the land.
“We are willing and ready to welcome visitors in Anambra anytime, but for anyone to perpetrate violence using any guise is very unacceptable. The fracas as it were has made us a victim. We have nothing to do with the killing.

By Ifeizu Joe

Ifeizu is a seasoned journalist and Managing Editor of TheRazor. He has wide knowledge of Anambra State and has reported the state objectively for over a decade.

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