Political articulation and aggregation are part of the ingredients required for a formidable admixture in the political crucibles, mainly for the purpose of entrenching a well coordinated program of action in the socio-political laboratory with a view to setting the agenda for good governance.

Based on the afore stated, a major point of focus is the receptive perception of the target audience, whose interests and contributions are sacrosanct as the centrepiece of the social contract, cemented on the foundation of offer and acceptance.

Also, in a country with a rough estimate of over a 200 million people, public optics is beyond political razzmatazz, as the major indices or parameter to measuring performance, politically speaking still is the exclusive reserve of the people, as they can objectively decipher between propaganda, mudslinging, horse trading, outright hogwash and outright lies.

In view of the above, the attention the entirety of well meaning Nigerians, as represented by the Centre for Excellence and Performance in Governance, CEPG, an Advocacy Group birthed on the need for truth and objectivity in Nigeria’s political space has been drawn to statements credited to groups: ‘Coalition of Northern Patriotic Front’, ‘South West Professionals’ and ‘Coalition of Arewa Youth Groups’, all seeking to bringing to disrepute, as impossible as it was, not minding the deployment of all manners of falsehood against the person of Representative Benjamin Kalu , the Spokesperson of the 9th Federal House of Representatives.

It is not difficult to decipher the gross obvious unintelligence of these groups, respectfully speaking, following the rancid deployment of numerous grammatical errors and the struggle to deploy figurative languages that even an SSCE student can comfortably puncture as puerile, rancid, imbecilic and the handiwork of brown envelope advocacy merchants, meddlesome interlopers and zombiefied natering nitwits.

Nevertheless, the hand of Esau but the voice of Jacob has been spotted. One does not need the gift of clairvoyance to spot this!

In as much as it is not worth the energy to respond to the vomit of gibberish by these futile clout chasers, it is worth staying that a clear conscience fears not accusations as he who dwells in a glass house must not throw stones, the pains inflicted on their ego and that of whoever their inglorious paymaster(s) is/ are is the reason behind the attacks on the person of Representative Benjamin Kalu, who has proven bookmakers wrong because of his performance within 3 years of his sorjourn to the Green Chambers.

Pray, is it on his Diaspora engagements and interface, astuteness in the art of Lawmaking, almost flawless representation and nationalist disposition via bridge building across the length and breadth of Nigeria, stimulation of national cohesion and unity and incumbently serving as the Image Maker of the 9th Green Chambers that Benjamin Kalu has not acquitted himself as the new force and canvasser of all of inclusiveness in the emerging new Nigeria to the admiration of all?

Or is it pettiness, avarice, jealousy or fear on the side of these misguided and misinformed persons who have futilely struggled to do the hatchet job albeit unsuccessfully?

In their words: ” …the elections have come and gone and we observed that those who sold the party to the opposition, especially in the South East, where it now rumoured that the next Speaker may emerge from…”, one can but evidently see and sense the liquid hate for an individual and by extension the entire South East ( which of course the APC is poised to carry along inclusively, this throwing overboard the nonsensical inuendo of Igbo haters) who has hinted that the position of Speakership has been schemed out of the reach Ndi Igbo for the past 40 uninterrupted years and the need for loyalty to be reciprocated.

Or are they by any means saying they can endure 40 years of national exclusion and slump into submissive cowardly silence?

Pray, do these ‘Groups’ pretend not to know where their leprous and mangled fingers ought to be pointed as they sheepishly turn the other way and pretend not to know those who sponsored Gubernatorial candidates in other political Parties in Abia State against the Candidate of the All Progressives Congress and in the National Assembly elections? Where then is party loyalty and supremacy?

Again, do they not know those who openly refused to identify with Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu during his campaign tour of Abia State for reasons best known to them, which some have deduced to political witchcraft?
Benjamin Kalu defied their witchery and led from the front! As they say in pidgin English, “photo no de lie”.

Again, amongst all the APC Candidates across contestable positions in Abia State, who was bold enough to openly campaign for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu across the length and breadth of Abia State, spending hugely in media houses, positioning the image of the APC in the entire South East if not for Benjamin Kalu? Facts are sacrosanct and empirical.

When the big men and sacred cows were nowhere to be seen, Benjamin Kalu sweated blood for the APC in Abia State. As they say, go and verify!

For the umpteenth time, what is the sin of BENJAMIN KALU apart from defying the odds, contesting for a seat in the 10 Green Chambers after consulting widely across the length and breadth of Bende Federal Constituency and the blessings of the people benevolently received, culminating into justifiably seeking, through collective bargaining, to be Speaker of the 10th National Assembly?.

Has Benjamin Kalu shot the door against any other contestant(s) for the same office or are these paid against of disillusion simply been obviously masticated busy bodies?

What is the ‘triumph of mediocrity’ apart from toeing the pull him down syndrome at all cost, which the ragtag group have deployed simply for the fact that Benjamin Kalu has refused to play their brand of gutter politics but focused on the need for a better Nigeria?

Benjamin Kalu has refused to lose his focus in making contributions to national healing and the ranting of these paid kindergarten groups is not in all fairness, receiving his attention, no matter how hard they try to conjecture any manner of putrid balderdash.

Finally, why this bone crushing fear for Benjamin Kalu?

Henry Madubuike

Center for Excellence and Performance in Governance. CEPG

By Ifeizu Joe

Ifeizu is a seasoned journalist and Managing Editor of TheRazor. He has wide knowledge of Anambra State and has reported the state objectively for over a decade.

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