Soludo is religiously delivering his campaign promises- Osita Ezika


Chief Sir. Osita Ezika in this interview with our correspondent praised Governor Chukwuma Soludo for the flag off of the construction of 80km Road projects in Anambra. He said that Prof Soludo received overwhelming support during the last governorship election because people believe that he will deliver on his campaign promises. He also commended the Governor for tackling insecurity and achieving result in his fight against insecurity.

What is your assessment of Governor Soludo performance in office?

People like me and many others I know that supported Governor Soludo in the last governorship election are happy with what he is doing in Anambra State. He is not a disappointment at all and am saying it without fear of contradiction that Governor Soludo has justified the confidence reposed in him. Within a short of space of 6months, he has succeeded in laying the foundation for Anambra transformation. By this time next year, Governor Soludo good work will be speaking for him and the good people of Anambra State will be seeing it with their two eyes. Am seeing Soludo as a God sent to ndi Anambra because most of the things he is doing are not ordinary. It’s obvious that he came in as Governor of Anambra State for a divine mission and our prayer is that the mission must be accomplished.

Governor Soludo promised to link Awka Road to trans nkisi with the construction of a connecting road that will make going to Trans nkisi GRA Onitsha easier. What do you have to say over the Governor plan?

For me it’s a commendable decision that will go a long way in decongesting Onitsha because there is a population surge at that Trans nkisi and 33 axis. I will not also forget to thank the Governor in a special way for the flag off of construction work at Akpaka. This is one of the most important Road Onitsha that we have pleading with government to do for us. One thing I discovered is that Governor Soludo is executing projects that will touch the heart of the masses and projects that will have meaningful impact in the life of ndi Anambra. All the steps being taken by the Governor are in the right direction and I will urge him to keep it up because ndi Anambra voted for him to do what he is doing today.

What is your assessment of Governor Soludo performance on the security sector?

That is one main area he showed the stuff he is made of. On assumption of office, insecurity reared its ugly head in Anambra State but the way he arrested the situation and succeeded in restoring normalcy in our State has restored our lost hope. He is doing marvellously well on the security sector because he knows that security of lives and property is the bedrock of sustainable development. Another good thing is that as he is tackling insecurity, he is also empowering our youth and taking their minds away from crime. He promised to make many of our Youth millionaires and he has set machinery in motion to actualize that. That is to say that our Youths are not left out because he accommodated their interest through Job creation and empowerment opportunity. So as far as am concerned, I give Governor Soludo kudos for what he is doing in our State.

What is your opinion on his plan to move relocate drug dealers from Onitsha to Oba ?

It’s a wonderful idea. The whole of Onitsha is congested and the need to decongest Onitsha cannot be overemphasised. I support that idea because it will open up other communities in Anambra. I see Governor Soludo as a man of wisdom that knows what he wants and he also has the the will power to execute it. When he came in banned touts from terrorising motorists, some people said that it’s not possible and that he cannot do it but me and you are witness to the fact that he has done it and heaven did not fall. Another of his commendable plan is the change of all the street lights in Anambra to solar powered street lights. It will go a long way in saving the money being spent on diesel in powering the street lights for our State.

What is your opinion on the ongoing dredging of Nwangene at Onitsha?

Chief Osita- I thank Governor Soludo for taking the bull by the horn to do that. It’s a good development. Work is still ongoing at the site but the good thing is that there is now free flow of flood at that Nwangene courtesy of the good work of Governor Soludo.

What is your advice for ndi Anambra?

I will advise them to continue giving our Governor overwhelming support because that is what he needs from them and that will be our own way of contributing to what he is doing in our State.

By Ifeizu Joe

Ifeizu is a seasoned journalist and Managing Editor of TheRazor. He has wide knowledge of Anambra State and has reported the state objectively for over a decade.

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